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Here you go! Of course, judging celebrities is nothing new.

Chinese publisher loses license over game that mocked President Xi Jinping

If we all take a moment to stop trying to teach , we can take a step back to learn. We miss an opportunity to be a student. TWO Valentines! Just the other day, after lunch, I took my son out in his stroller for a couple of laps around a nearby park in my downtown New York neighborhood. I was trying to both diffuse a tantrum and soothe him into an afternoon nap. Like Cohen, I am a gay father to a young boy.

Dear Democratic party: it's time to stop rigging the primaries

My husband and I welcomed Cielo, also born via surrogate, 17 months ago. Swaddled up Correction mode is somewhat instinctual.

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Parents have a hard time turning off their safeguard filters. My mind raced.

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His hands are tucked in his coat sleeves, and he hurls his mittens during a tantrum Mornings are my new jam ThreeWeeksOld. Of course, I wish she had just seen us and our adorable son, grinned, and moved on. Perhaps if more of us did that for Andy and baby Benjamin, the teachable moments would be ours to learn on our own.

Cohen sharing a very private journey is actually a gift, if we are willing to take it. Open it, and you might learn about the brave and generous women who elect to be surrogates for intended parents.

Dear Clients, Please Stop: Ten Ways Founders Sabotage Themselves – TechCrunch

And you will most definitely have the chance to understand how a nontraditional family must navigate assumptions, ignorance, and prejudice in the quest to enjoy what all families—no matter their origin—aim to enjoy: love, stability, and making memories. I'm certain absolutely no one said, "Well, if a payment processor has to pick between consensual adult sexuality or actually-murderous Nazis, I guess we're safer with the Nazis. Deplatform Hate had contacted PayPal in July with several detailed emails that alerted the payment platform to violent content.

It only takes 4chan haters telling PayPal that ASMR creators might be making sex noises to get their accounts instantly banned. But let's take comfort that before the literal worst happened, the company was thinking about maybe not doing business with violent Nazis. Of course, this reminds us all of what happened with Daily Stormer. That was August of last year, when it took the murder of Heather Heyer by white supremacists — the same band o' Nazis as on Gab — and attempted murders of others to get tech companies to enforce their hate speech and violence policies.

It wasn't Heyer's murder that made the companies stop facilitating Daily Stormer. Heyer was not the first. Daily Stormer had been giving the Heyer treatment to black people since at least , calling call Michael Brown's mother a "stupid ape" , mocking Freddie Gray's murder as a "chimpout" and stating that a "hero put down [a] rabid dog" regarding the death of Tamir Rice in Effectively, it's only thanks to the general public and journalists that companies like PayPal, Square and GoDaddy are kinda-sorta kicking some Nazis off their services.

Even still, Instagram — which routinely purges and deletes the accounts of adult performers based solely on their names and associations , not content violations — is a shit-smeared playpen for violent Nazis and virulent nationalists. As you read this, Alex Jones and Infowars are turning up the rhetoric on Instagram.

Voting while black: the racial injustice that harms our democracy | Carol Anderson

Really: this week. Also this week, The New York Times pointed out years' worth of Nazi content flourishing on Instagram, including hashtags promoting "Nazi ideology. I mean, we've seen from Instagram's censorship of erotic dancers that they can silence certain things into an Orwellian ether.

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They just don't want to. Following our reporting on this, Instagram has removed the hashtag jewsdid It was active for years and had over 11, posts. It was one of the top search results if you searched for "Jews. And you know what? It's so easy for these companies to take a stand against anti-Semitism, racism, QAnon conspiracy creeps, "red pill" white supremacists, right-wing extremists, and incels. It's not hard to see these people want to kill others, and that they rile each other into doing it.

Holy shit. RPGnet not fucking around. See, jack , you colossal coward, it ain't that tough. Look, the takeaway here isn't some pointless missive of hope that any company propping up the right's "free speech" crap might tell the hate merchants they're no longer welcome. The companies steering the internet have proved time and again that given the opportunity, they don't.

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They won't. What's important as we go into the elections next week is that we do not get overwhelmed by the trash fires of Silicon Valley greed. And that we take notes and remember who could've done something -- but didn't. Buyer's Guide. Log in.