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Sarah Davis-Goff

Beautifully written and terrifying. A riveting novel. It reminded me that even in the darkest times, love and human decency can survive.

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Davis-Goff has crafted a beautiful, lyrical, and guttural examination of what it takes to love and survive in a world shaped by loss and violence. This is a magnetic novel pulsing with life.

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It is truly remarkable and unforgettable. Related Reads.

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What you need to know before your trail Raised by her mother and Maeve on Slanbeg, an island off the west coast of Ireland, Orpen has a childhood of love, rockpools and stories by the fireside. Travel Guide Ireland. Where Next? Featured Book.

Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff (NT)

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They bring her up to be a survivor: a knife-throwing, skrake-grappling survivor. However much mam and Maeve warn her off other people and especially men , Orpen needs more; and when her mam dies, she and Maeve head to the mainland to find it.

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  • Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff.
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