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And thrive in the big, wide world. Liverpool station is also wheelchair accessible with a portable boarding ramp. There are lifts, payphones and toilets at this station. These are some of the routes you can catch, coming into Liverpool from a wide range of areas:. There are over 5, available carparks in Liverpool CBD, including paid and free. Please visit Liverpool City Council for more information on both parking and the free shuttle bus that connects car parks to the campus.

Further, to ensure our campuses are accessible built environments the University is offering priority access to free, on-site parking for students and staff who have an RMS permit. For more information and to sign up for an account visit Parking on Campus. Simply present to the Westfield Concierge with your ID card and a receipt of your purchase to validate your parking ticket. If you prefer to bike it into uni, we have bicycle stands in the basement.

There are also bicycle stands at Liverpool Train Station if you prefer to leave your bike there. So, we offer you access to a great range of services, like career advice, tutors, medical help, counselling, computers, study spaces, a kitchen and printing facilities — even opportunities to study abroad. Our qualified social workers and psychologists have got your back. Have a question? Throughout your student journey from enrolments to graduations Student Central is your first point of contact for information, advice, forms and referrals to other services.

If you have a disability, chronic health condition or temporary injury, the Disability Services team can help with things like pre-admission, note takers, readers, sign interpreters, video and podcast transcripts, assistive technology, textbooks and materials in alternative formats, the list goes on. If you have a concern or suggestion — or if you want to join — just get in touch.

If you are struggling with accommodation, financial hardship, personal issues, study related issues, matters related to student visa or if you are having trouble understanding university policies and procedures, the Student Welfare Service can help you work through it. For further information please visit the Student Welfare Service webpage. The University built the new library at Liverpool through modelling how the library could complement the curriculum, assessment and activity that could be expected at this exciting new building and state-of-the-art facilities.

Having trouble with the WiFi or online services? Hanson, age 57, of Conover passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, May 26, The crux is not on But at age 39, another synapse fired and he decided to pursue guiding. They have two children from their marriage. Senior Fellow Embed Tweet. David Hanson: Android designer. David Hanson was first elected back in , and became known as the youngest mayor the town had elected. Explore books by David E. Gender Male. David W.

Unlike their heroic title battle with City, second place will be nothing on this occasion

The contemporary West is in an age not of builders but dismantlers. Im glad I was born when I was. Date: 9 Sep David Hansen was born in Sydney, Australia. David Hanson is 1 of the famous celebrity with the age 60 years old. His passion for acting began at an early age. David Hanson is a member of famous people who are known for being a Entrepreneur, celebrities who are 49 years old, was born in December, in the year and zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Jun 13, Victor Davis Hanson biography with personal life, married and affair info. David passed away on January 16 , at age Elizabeth Stuart, Janice L. The age of avatars has arrived! David D Hanson. Its a golden age of invention. Home: Narcoossee, Florida Years riding: Probably around 3 full-time. The top city of residence is Dallas, followed by Houston. Age 81 years old. David belongs to white ethnicity.

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David Hanson, age It is the marble of our age. David C. Through his organization, he has seen the success of robotic facial hardware that establishes eye contact, recognizes faces and carries out natural spoken conversation. David Hanson, Ph. David Hanson is a busey who thinks he rides a motorcycle and has an occasional stutter.

Phone 3 , 2 , 3 , 7 David Hanson. David Hansons full body measurements Not available right now. David was born on July 5, in Liverpool, Merseyside. Abroad, recent controversies over the rise of Chinese mercantilism, the specter of Iranian and North Korean nuclear weapons, tensions in the European Union, the calcified Palestinian question, mass migrations, and the resurgence of Islamic terrorism all offer a number of lessons. His company has earned global attention for creations like Sophia, a humanoid robot capable of holding a conversation and displaying more than 50 facial expressions.

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This particular sufferer just happens to be older. Ethnicity: White David Hanson age is 48 years now. David Hanson is a famous people who is best known as a Celebrity. His first major act was the Criminal Capture Act of which passed and created S.

Liverpool F.C. - The Decline and Fall Of the Reds and a Football Empire

Roboticist who founded the Hong Kong-based robotics company Hanson Robotics in Flinders Petrie. Also includes mummies with portraits excavated in and results of excavations at Memphis. Author: Der Manuelian, Peter Publisher: Yale Egyptological Seminar Date: Description: Fifteen "slab stelae" and stela fragments were found set into the exterior walls of the Giza mastaba tombs from the reign of Khufu and his successors.

Taken as a group, they provide one of the most important sources of Egyptian artistic and historical documents of the early Old Kingdom. This publication presents a fresh interpretation of the Giza stelae, with new colour photography, "digital epigraphy" facsimile drawings, new translations, original discovery photographs and recent colour images taken at Giza. The book is published in full colour, with numerous charts and catalogues, gathering information on all Giza tombs with slab stelae emplacements, the history of their excavation, previous scholarly research, and comparative and interpretive chapters.

Appendices include both colour and line drawing palaeographies of all hieroglyphs appearing on the stelae, and a collection of the enigmatic "linen lists" that adorn the Giza stelae and many other Archaic and Old Kingdom monuments. Indexes complete the volume. LXV - n. II, 4 pp. At this time Petrie's fieldwork was largely being sponsored by two men: Jesse Haworth and Henry Martin Kennard A 34 page appendix gives an inventory of most objects found within the tombs and has reference to where some objects were located at the time of publication.

Unfortunately there are a few errors in the description of objects. The book is based on a University of Liverpool Ph.

David hanson age

The publication brings together Garstang's unpublished photographs, notebooks and individual tomb record cards made by his assistant, Mr Harold Jones. Consisting of more than ancient marbles - the UK's largest collection of Roman sculptures after that of the British Museum - the collection was assembled primarily in Italy during Blundell's various 'Grant Tour' visits.

As ancient statues were the preeminent souvenir of the Grand Tour, Blundell has strong competition from other collectors, British nobility and European aristocrats, monarchs, and the Pope. His statues represent a typical cross section of sculptures that would have decorated ancient Roman houses, villas, public spaces and even tombs, although their precise origins are largely unknown. Most are likely to have come from Rome and at least one was found at Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli.

Transcription of some of the text for object no. This catalogue, by Geoffrey Waywell, contains a detailed account of the Hope collection in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, and also of the many Hope sculptures now in other collections. Belbeis, Samanood, Abusir, Tukh el Karmus. The Antiquities of Tell el Yahudiyen. Miscellaneous work in Lower Egypt during the years Blackman, published an article in that describes nine Egyptian artefacts in the collection of Sir H. Rider Haggard then kept at his home in Ditchingham, Norfolk. Quirke ed.

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Lahun Studies pp. Edwards describes the provenance of the collection and includes details, including copies of inscriptions for 11 objects. Author: Ussishkin, David Publisher: Date: Description: This publication is the final report of the renewed excavations and restoration work carried out at Tel Lachish between and by the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University under the direction of David Ussishkin.

The comprehensive report, published in five volumes, was edited and largely written by David Ussishkin, and contains contributions by 62 scholars from Israel and abroad. The report covers a wide variety of important subjects—stratigraphy, architecture, chronology, inscriptions, pottery and other finds, as well as many in-depth studies on specific topics.

Lachish is one of the major biblical era sites in the Land of Israel. As such, the report will be an essential tool for anyone exploring the history and material culture of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Levant. Many objects from the tomb are in museums and have been published in this 2 volume publication. World Museum has 2 gold finger rings from the tomb that are included in this catalogue of finds. Author: Janes, Glenn Publisher: Olicar House Publications Date: Description: Lavishly illustrated catalogue of inscribed and excavated shabtis from the collection of World Museum, Liverpool, with a six page foreword by the curator, Ashley Cooke, describing the history of the collection.

XIX that carefully traces history of this textile from its first description in to its arrival in Liverpool Museum in Illustrates and discusses the now almost vanished hieroglyphic inscription, which established its date as B. World Museum supported this fieldwork and received artefacts recovered from the fieldwork. Author: Eyre, Christopher John Publisher: Oxford University Press Date: Description: This book reconstructs a history of documentary practice in pharaonic Egypt from the early Old Kingdom, when the writing system itself was technically very limited, to the major administrative changes imposed by the colonizing regimes of the Graeco-Roman period.

It relates administrative and legal practice to the physical practicalities of the media used for writing, and through the close reading of primary textual sources it examines how different types of document — private and official — were created and used. The conclusions stress the unevenness of documentary usage, and the ways in which the writing of documents was deeply embedded in the interactions between customary social practices, that were essentially oral, and the penetration of outside hierarchies into local government.

Limitations on the use of the written text as legal evidence are emphasized, in contexts where secure archival reference was impractical, but where the act of writing itself symbolized the exercise of hierarchical authority. Historical changes in contemporary attitudes to the nature and authority of documents are emphasized, within an essentially face-to-face society. It is argued that the potential of the document as evidence was never fully exploited in the pharaonic period, either in law or administration: that the written document did not itself become an autonomous proof, although its writing was a powerful symbol and display of hierarchical authority.

Government is presented as a system rooted in personal prestige and patronage structures, lacking the effective departmental hierarchies and archive systems that would represent a true bureaucratic system. Though her exact chronological position is uncertain, the typology of her ushabti figures makes her likely the direct successor of Karomama G in the mid Twenty-second Dynasty. This paper presents the forty known ushabtis of Qedmerut, discussing their iconography, inscriptions, provenance, and dating.

People's Palaces - The Golden Age of Civic Architecture: Neo Classical [BBC, Full Documentary]

The Theban Necropolis. Private Tombs.

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  6. ISBN Royal Tombs and Smaller Cemeteries. Hardback, pp. ISBN 0 The exhibition consisted largely of sculpture from the Predynastic up to the early Christian period, most of which were from the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Cairo. The exhibition was held between 22nd June to 12th August A catalogue was published by the Arts Council in with detailed descriptions of all the exhibits, and with 40 black and white plates.

    Start date: End date: Description: A 17 day exhibition of antiquities excavated between from sites including, Abydos, Esna, Hierakonpolis and Kostamneh. A 4 page exhibition catalogue was published by the University of Liverpool Institute of Archaeology. The exhibition was inaugrated July 10th, , by the Right Hon. Sir J. Brunner, Bart. Danson, Esq.

    Johnston Esq. MacGregor, M. Davies Esq. Forbes and Jesse Haworth Esq.

    Liverpool v Man United: which club’s golden age is the best?

    Start date: End date: Description: Held in in Manchester, art Treasures of the United Kingdom' featured over 16, exhibits of the most important historic and modern art ever displayed. Start date: End date: Description: A temporary exhibition organised by the omune di Roma, Assesorato alle Politiche Culturali and the Sovraintendenza ai Beni Culturali and held at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.

    Curated by Serena Ensoli and Eugenio La Rocca, it included nearly artefacts from more than 80 institutions and private collections. The museum gave financial sponsorship and in return received a share of the finds that were allowed to be exported by the Egyptian authorities.

    The committee of the British School of Archaeology in Egypt donated 21 objects that were accessioned on 4 April , accession series 4. All but 1 of the pottery soul-houses survived the fire which destroyed the museum in This is very close to an Early Dynastic cemetery which the BSAE also excavated that was named Tarkhan by Petrie, as this is the name of the nearest modern settlement. Flinders Petrie left the excavation on 25 February leaving Ernest Mackay to pack up. This collection was formed by Miss Gilstrap, who contributed funds to the British School of Archaeology in Egypt between and She was given a share of the excavated finds in return for the funding she provided.

    Excavations started at the end of and carried on for four months into Engelbach was assisted by Mr Tompson and Hilda Petrie. Many of the burials were Middle and New Kingdom in date. Working with Mackay and Wainwright. Engelbach began the excavation in October and divided the Harageh area into 13 cemeteries designated A-M. In the committee of the British School of Archaeology in Egypt donated 1 object to the museum which was accessioned on 1 September , accession number 1. In the committee of the British School of Archaeology in Egypt donated a child mummy with portrait to the museum which was accessioned on 13 October , accession number Start date: End date: Description: Sale of fine antiquities.

    Opened in Leiden and then travelled to Denmark and Germany. Loan no. AE LO Start date: End date: Description: A temporary exhibition displaying objects from World Museum Liverpool's Egyptian collection. The exhibition started at Liverpool Museum and was open from April until 2 September and then travelled to venues around the northwest of England including Sale Town Hall. The museum provided financial sponsorship towards the costs and received a share of the finds that the Egyptian authorities allowed to be exported outside of Egypt.

    The museum subscribed to the excavations and received finds that were accessioned on 24 September , accession series The museum subscribed to the excavations and received finds that were accessioned on 14 October , accession series The museum subscribed to the Abydos excavations and received 57 finds that were accessioned on 16 September , accession series The museum did not provide financial sponsorship for the excavations but received a granite head of Ramesses II Naville cleared the temple of Hatshepsut and discovered the temple of Mentuhotep II in He carried out several seasons of work at the beginning of the 20th century with the final season during the winter of The museum provided financial sponsorship and the committee of the Egypt Exploration Fund donated a granary model accessioned on 13 December London, Start date: End date: Description: Egypt Exploration Fund excavations at Deshasheh, directed by Flinders Petrie, during one winter season The museum provided financial sponsorship and the committee of the Egypt Exploration Fund donated 15 finds which were accessioned on 4 October , accession series 4.

    Bibliography: Flinders Petrie, 'Deshasheh ' London, The temple was also excavated by Naville in The museum subscribed to the excavations and received 7 finds that were accessioned on 13 October , accession series The museum subscribed to the excavations and received finds that were accessioned on 25 September , accession series About 65 pottery jars and bowls were destroyed in World War Two. Sketches and descriptions, including tomb numbers, were made by Professor Eric Peet.

    Start date: End date: Description: Egypt Exploration Fund excavations directed by Flinders Petrie in at Serabit-el-Khadim, a source of copper and malachite in the Sinai peninsula. World Museum sponsored this excavation and in return were given a share of the finds that were excavated. The director of the Egypt Exploration Society, Sir Robert Mond, wrote to the museum on 26 May asking if Liverpool Museum could loan a selection of jewellery for a representative loan exhbition of 'Egyptian jewellery and beads' in conjunction with its annual exhibition of antquities from recent excavations Amarna and Armant.

    The event was scheduled to close on 3 October but was extended to 31 October because of demand. The event was reported in the 'Notes and News' section of the 'Journal of Egyptian Archaeology', vol. Only a summary of the results were published by Frankfort in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 16, pp. We have 19 items from these excavations. Start date: End date: Description: The excavation at Armant was not originally an Egypt Exploration Society project, it was being financed by the wealthy industrialist, Sir Robert Mond, but the Society undertook the publication of the work of Oliver Myers in the temple of Montu and the burial-place of the sacred bulls of the god.

    See Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 74 pp. Start date: End date: Description: Janet May Buchanan organised the first Egyptian exhibition in Glasgow, bringing together loans of objects from W. Petrie, Amy Urlin and many other collectors. The exhibition opened in November , with Margaret Murray producing a catalogue of the exhibits. Glasgow Art Gallery and Museums registration label were stuck to the objects, with the loan number pencilled in. Objects Amy Urlin lent were returned to her on 1st April Start date: End date: Description: Excavations directed by John Garstang of the University of Liverpool Institute of Archaeology on behalf of the Egyptian Research Account during the season , from the end of November to the beginning of May.

    Site of a cemetery of various periods and a Predynastic settlement. World Museum provided some financial support and in return received a share of the finds which were accessioned on 14 October , however, most of these were destroyed in when the museum was bombed. The museum subscribed to the - excavation season and received X finds that were accessioned on 24 September , accession series Bibliography: J.

    Quibell and F. Green, Hierakonpolis, 2 volumes London, Start date: End date: Description: The museum created a travelling exhibition consisiting of 8 artefacts and display material for a showcase illustrating the topic of writing in ancient Egypt. Start date: End date: Description: This fascinating exhibition explores ancient Egyptian animal mummies, prepared in their millions as votive offerings to the gods. Discover the background behind this religious practice in the context of life in ancient Egypt and the environment in which the animals lived. Featuring mummified specimens such as jackals, crocodiles, cats and birds, the exhibition will also include a recreation of a subterranean animal catacomb, creating an immersive and atmospheric experience.

    Using animal mummies from a variety of UK collections, the exhibition will also look at the use of science, such as CT imaging, to learn more about the subject. The touring exhibition will be hosted at three cities - Manchester: 8 October - 17 April Glasgow: May - June Liverpool October - 26 February In the lower cemetery, below the large rock-cut tombs of the high-officials, undecorated shaft tombs dating to the early Middle Kingdom contained tomb equipment such as coffins, pottery and wooden funerary models.