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He was ordained into the Church of England in He was associated with Dwight L. Moody a noted evangelist. Both made several visits to the U.

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Isaac Watts Born in Southampton and from a non- conformist background which denied him entry to Oxbridge he was educated at the Dissenting Academy at Stoke Newington. He was a prolific lyric hymn writer with many of his compositions still widely sung today. He was Curate in Wexford and later in Cornwall.

For a time he lived in Hampshire, then moved to Dittisham, Devon and in to Lower Brixham where he attracted such large crowds that the church had to be enlarged. Lyte had suffered from poor health for much of his life and this caused him to spend his later years on the Continent looking for warmer weather. His application to the Priesthood was rejected and he became acknowledged as a leader of the Methodist Revival in 18 th Century Wales. Graham began writing songs in the latter part of the sixties and worked in various Christian music groups.

Timothy Dudley- Smith -. He now continued his musical studies under Bassini, Webb, O'Neil, and others, studying the art of teaching with that prince of teachers, Dr. Root, the art of conducting with Carl Zerrahn, harmony under J. Parker, F. Root, and, later, Geo. Macfarren, of London. In he accepted the position as one of the managers of Dr. Root's Normal Musical Institute, in which capacity he served as director and teacher for three years, Dr. Root continuing as principal. During this time he was winning an enviable reputation in his convention work, and by his glee, chorus and class music, and Sabbath-school songs published from time to time.

His equipment at this time for a successful career as a music teacher and composer was complete. He had become a cultured musician, with a wide and growing reputation, his solo work attracting much attention.

James McGranahan, gospel song and hymn writer - Christian Biography Resources - Wholesome Words

From his earliest years his rare tenor voice had been the wonder and delight of all who heard it, and now from some of his most eminent teachers came the proposal that he should enter upon a course of special training for the operatic stage, in which career it was felt he would certainly achieve fame and fortune. It was a dazzling prospect; but, on the other hand, his intimate friend, P. Bliss, who had given his wondrous voice to the service of song for Christ, was urging him to do the same. Comparing his long course of study and training to a man whetting his scythe, he insisted that his friend should "stop whetting his scythe, and strike into the grain to reap for the Master.

McGranahan, however, felt distrustful both of his adaptation to such work and of his call to enter upon it. Only a week previous to the Ashtabula disaster, Mr. Bliss wrote a letter to Mr. McGranahan on this subject. Before sending it he read it to Major Whittle with whom he had been discussing the matter as to what evangelist they should select to associate with Mr. McGranahan should he consent to take up the work. On the morning after the disaster Major Whittle and Mr.

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McGranahan met for the first time at Ashtubula, both on the same errand of mercy — that of recovering, if possible, the bodies of their dear friends, Mr. Upon meeting Mr. Bliss has chosen as his successor. McGranahan finally decided to give up all his future life to the service of God in song. If the operatic world lost a star, the Christian world gained one of its sweetest gospel singers, and the hand of God was manifest in it all.

With a consecration that was most thorough, Mr.

Biography of gospel song and hymn writers

McGranahan entered their new field, and to their great joy found it most congenial. For eleven years he and Major D.

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Whittle were associated as true yoke fellows in evangelistic work in various parts of the United States, Great Britain, and Ireland. Two visits were made to Great Britain, the first in , when they had great success in meetings in which the leading ministers of the kingdom cooperated, in London, Perth, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Belfast, and other places. The second visit was made in , when they were associated with Messrs.

Moody and Sankey. McGranahan's music has a quality that is all its own.