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Kevin Hart's beef with Katt Williams has gone to a new level. The comedians have a history of taking jabs at each other during interviews and while doing LRM Online. Hip-Hop Wired. A good chunk of the interview was spent on Hart airing out Katt Williams for the heavy Leslie Jones warns Katt Williams and Kevin hart to keep her name out of their mouths. This comedian beef is getting heated. After Katt Williams made his pot The comedian's marketing mojo is no joke.

Leveraging his 'likable personality,' the entertainer is redefining the celebrity endorsement along the way. Kevin Hart went in on Katt Williams for attacking Tiffany Haddish and urged him to take responsibility for his past actions. The Night School star had some choice Kevin Hart is currently on the promo trail for his forthcoming film, Night School, with Tiffany Haddish, and while on a recent stop, the comic took the opportunity to Hollywood Life.

Leslie Jones clapped back at Kevin Hart for not helping female comics after Hart bashed Katt Williams for not supporting other comics. Katt Williams may have apologized to Tiffany Haddish for insulting her, but Kevin Hart still had plenty to get off of his chest during a recent interview. Comedian Leslie Jones found herself in the middle of Katt Williams and Kevin Hart's recent beef, and she is not pleased!

The Saturday Night Live star disputed Ambrosia For Heads. We already have exclusive interviews, documentaries, Celebrity Insider. The random feud between Katt Williams and Tiffany Haddish has caused Kevin Hart to step into it to defend the woman he deems is like a sister to him. During a press run for his upcoming movie Night School with Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart spoke on comments made by Katt Williams during an interview with A lot can happen in a year. In early , most of the world didn't know Tiffany Haddish. Then came her breakout turn as the hilarious Dina in the movie comedy Sep 28, Washington Times.

Williams should stop blaming Hollywood and "the white man" for his failures Kevin Hart is riled up about Katt Williams coming after Tiffany Haddish and other up-and-coming black comedians. When did she hate on him first? I felt the same way. Yes and no. Hollywood controls the money, which in turn, they choose the entertainers. Hollywood investors need to be able to control their investment i. Again, Katt has made light of both of these situations in his stand up. Which - for that - he will always have my support and respect.

I am an individual who agreed with Katt; he spoke facts; I concurred with him about everyone he named. In fact, I was hoping a few years a comedian like him would return and retain the spotlight again. It seems to me some who disagreed with Katt didn't view it objectively. There has to be truth in what he stated in his interview about HIS career. Hollywood dismissed him, according to Hart, yet [television] Hollywood nominated and awarded him an Emmy? He should've been blackballed! Now, it's an issue when he gave his answers about them?

Found this interview interesting Kat kept it real Kevin is a shuck and jive coon. Kevin was. Who is Kevin to talk about anyone when he is a serial adulterer?! Gimme a break. That's exactly what Marlon wayans was saying.. Did you do something others didn't? So how does that make him, Katt, in the wrong. When he said can anyone tell him a Tiffany Haddish joke Because she not a comedian. A comedian is capable of writing their own jokes and able to perform a comedy routine in front of an audience and make majority of them laugh.

They don't want anything to taint they're projects. They will not care if they have a project coming out, they will speak their minds. I know people in several different cities that have went to Kevin Hart's shows and they said the audience was mostly White. The jokes were stale and "safe". None of the people I, even laughed and all said they just wasted their money. Never heard that before but it makes alot of sense. Bernie was too real for that Hollywood life. Why would you believe Kevin Hart when it concern's Katt's business as it pertain to what he owns? He don't know what that man own No doubt Katt has had some issues with drugs but in truth,Kevin Hart does not know what he has been offered but Katt Williams is selling his own shows without the help of Hollywood.

Katt Williams is a different kind of comic that Hollywood would never put on because his material is not "safe" according to Hollywood elites. Katt Williams does not cater to Whites,which also means he does not cater to their boring sense of humor. Katt is a natural when it comes to comedy. He also has the necessary timing and he does not censor himself. Kevin Hart is a just "censored", Buckwheat. That was great, insightful from an eye witness! Kevin Hart makes a solid point. Katt would have been a much bigger star and a lot richer if he had displayed a better work ethic, especially earlier in his career.

Katt's got a lot of talent, but his talent level was a lot higher than his level of self-discipline, and that lack of discipline ended up costing him a lot. At the end of the day, that's nobody's fault but his. I get what you're saying, and I appreciate your point of view. The problem with Katt not wanting to play the game, is he is just singling out Kevin Hart and Tiff. How about all the others that play the game.

And if he doesn't play the Hollywood game, who is he to condemn the ones that choose to play. He talked about his friends getting skipped over because Tiff is light skinned, but Lunelle is the same color if not lighter than Tiff. Why would you want your friends in that environment. He should be happy they aren't in it, instead he is angry that they aren't. So he can't have it both ways. He can't be proud because he didn't play the game, and mad that others did and because they did, passed his friends.

Can't be both ways. We all saw Katt hanging out in the hood fighting a 14 year old. We saw Katt arguing with fans. We saw him walk off of the stage during his concerts. Some of this has to be on Katt, we gotta stop giving people passes just because we are fans. It's okay to be supportive, but call a spade a spade, or an addict and addict. He got clean, now he can redeem himself and help his friends. Tiff was in chill mode she really didn't have much to say. Then why would she? Katt said what he said about her.

He knelt,he apologized. I am assuming she accepted his apology. Now here come this Cake Topper trying to be Loyal in his friendship to Tiffany. To bad he couldn't find that same loyalty before he cheated on both wives. I agree. This isn't about who's funny and who's not.

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This is about one entertainer being angry at people he feels is beneath his and his friends' talent, so they shouldn't have the success they have. As I've said up top, we talk all day about how people can't sing, can't rap, can't act. But we don't celebrate tearing them down. If Hollywood was so bad for Katt, then why are you still in it? Most people that don't like Hollywood are gone, done, nada. He's still trying to make it happen a second time around. He could easily open up his own business, invest in property, etc. He doesn't have to keep running up in Hollywood if they are as wicked as he says.

He's making a choice to be there. Katt was only repeating her own words. And she did write a book accusing her ex husband of abuse. And no one can think of one of her jokes, like we can of other comedians. What these comedians need to do, is group up and take the Tylor Perry route and create their own studios, production companies and award shows.

Stop begging to be accepted in circles where your still on the perimeter of that circle, waiting for leftovers and a pat on the head. They're fighting each other for scraps while the people running the show, are eating like kings off of them. Mannnn I said in the other post when this happened I wanted to know what slick shyt she said to him in the green room. I be knowing. Yeah, Clooney, Pitt, and Damon accused Bernie of having a chip on his shoulders because he didn't want to act like a kid and jump off of buildings with them.

They fit the stereotype "loud mouth blacks" that Hollywood like portray us to be. Finally Someone who can see pass the BS, is refreshing. It's happening with everyday people. They put some of the most incompetent, bitter people, in some of the most powerful positions. The smart ones who spoke their minds and the truth, They try to make out to be crazy and try to destroy any and everything good about them.

Malcolm X said that criminals will attack their victim, drag them into court and accuse and charge the victim with attacking the criminal. I see this in my everyday life and it's disgusting. Trying to fight Beyonce battles, when Beyonce wouldn't even chip a nail for her. Lmao and smh at the same date time. I haven't been around a crowd like that since my 20's and I'm keeping it that way. Those loud mouth women who are always trying to over talk you, are annoying AF. What he said about her was a matter of his own opinion, that he spoke as facts.

And plenty of people want to fuck Brad Pitt, what does that have to do with anything. Thelma and Louise. Had that lady open after 1 night and r? I find him nice to look at but I wouldn't want to take it any further than that. Katt didn't say she slept her way to the top. He said many of real artist were passed over to give her a chance, even though she wasn't a better comedian.

That may be his opinion but it's derived from facts. CTG is a straight up butthole. I'm not a fan of his or Envy d i ck riding self. They love instigating bs and then sit off to the side like 'wow, I can't believe it came to that. We gotta get along as black people. Katt said Tiffany was married to a white man.

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That's wrong. There is no truth to that statement. Katt is bitter and jealous. Funny as hell but has personal demons he needs to overcome. Read my comment on this. Kevin Hart should have remained silent here but he did this to win points and approval with Hollywood by criticizing and distinguishing himself from Katt Williams. A comedian should also be able to improv, which Tiffany definitely can't do.

To this day, Dave Chapelle will pop up at some small town unknown club and go off the top his head and bring the house down. You know that's the first thing they run too with Kat CTG is a simp CTG day coming so he better get ready Envy too if he keep cosigning Told ya that one is a mess Let the hate go chile! Feeling like this OH its is timeless!! She did stand up before the movies..

Tiffany has been doing stand up since Def Comedy. Katt is going to roast this ass. She appears to be too loud and over the top. Kevin Hart is the man tan minstrel of Hollywood and Tiffany Haddish is sappire, the oversexualized black female minstrel in the industry. Isn't it amazing how that works, a drug addict murderer in the making and yet his image gets redeemed by Hollywood. I think of great comedians like Martin who was great in standup n transcended into one of the successful shows of all time.

He was doing great until someone told him he needed to crossover 2 b truly successful b4 he made that lame ass knight movie which diluted his comedic greatness n he never came back from that. Eddie was another one who was doing great n steady in standup n on screen until he made those lame azz movies talking 2 trees n shyt. Neither Eddie or Martin can sell out a stadium 2day bcas they lost their lucrative black audience 2 appeal 2 white audiences.

They r still 2 of the greats of all time. Its the first time I've ever watched his standup and I enjoyed it start to finish. However, I consider Eddie and Martin retired and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous because of their labor. They did their time, established a foundation for today's comedians, and have no need to sell out anything.

That is my whole problem with people hating on Tiffany. True, she has bucked the system, but let her get them coins while she can! She's not hurting anyone in the process. People need to stop acting like crabs in a barrel. What Katt said is true. It's called life. The same thing plays out in the music industry. I think Ledisi can sing rings around some of the successful entertainers today, but she hasn't caught the break they have.

It happens. Katt is a liability because he failed to show up for work, showed up late, showed up impaired, etc. He wasn't bringing in tens of millions of dollars which would've mitigated the risks investors took so they invested their money in other talent. Thousands of industry talent don't participate in Hollyweird antics and have long, lucrative careers which is why the loominati bullshit is just that Sheeple eat that stupidity like candy and investors find ways to make money off people's blind stupidity yet again.

Katt is solely responsible for Katt's choices and the consequences that result from said choices. Don't nobody owe him a damn thang and if he's so unbothered by Hollyweird, then why is it his only topic of discussion everytime he opens his mouth? I'm not even surprised at the responses anymore. People would rather use their jealousy of stars and Hollywood to believe in myths and conspiracy, than to use logic. What makes it even worse is that majority of these theories aren't even from insiders, just random YouTube people with no connection to these people at all.

Katt Williams is a druggie who ruined his opportunity to advance. Kevin Hart isn't funny to me but I respect the hustle. Our people are so complacent and comfortable with being on the bottom, anytime someone makes it to the top, they always find a reason why they made it and often it is some sinister plot. Crabs in the barrel mentality is what will forever keep blacks down. If half of you actually put your money where your mouth is, Katt Williams wouldn't be out here jealous of people you all claim are so unfunny, Tiffany and Kevin!!

I cannot stand Kevin Hart. It's ironic that he is making all of these personal statements about Katt Williams after he was on that very same radio show crying about Michael Blackson making jokes about him getting caught cheating. Anyone remember that video? People are so attached to people that they have never met, that they can't even be objective. Katt Williams never said Tiffany wasn't funny.

He said there is absolutely nothing in her resume to suggest she is a comedian someone that writes comedy and that she can do a one hour stand up. And none of her supporters, not even Kevin, has said anything to contradict his point. It's called striking while the iron is hot. Investors make choices with their money. DL chooses to speak his mind. Investors don't have to choose to invest in DL. Katt is capitalizing off the loominati bs and folks are lapping it up. He has yet to take any responsibility for his part in the state of his career versus the careers of his peers that he can't stop talking about.

Bernie had crossover appeal. Katt does not. There is nothing wrong with appealing to more than just Black people. It doesn't make you a sellout if different kinds of people find you talented and funny. Bernie didn't water anything down and stayed true to himself. Why isn't Katt dogging him out?!?

Jason Aldean – Behind the Scenes

I mean I guess. I never doubted what he saw when he went to those Hollywood parties, Hollywood is the land of the freaks so why he would like about what he witnessed? Because he's not the first person that I've heard talk like that before. And, he didn't bring up the loominati during the radio interview. And before he came on the radio show I hadn't heard him speak about Kevin and Tiffany in such depth before. He was asked and begged continuously by the show's host to come on and speak when he didn't have to.

As far as his own problems he didn't deny that he wasn't a felon or got arrested or whatever when Wanda kept gaslighting him. Simply put, he dropped gems during that interview and the truth is not for everyone. Eddie kinda different tho. Bc his early movies were sheer blockbusters. Not often a comedian can also be an action hero. He was one at least twice with Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hours. Axel Foley is iconic. And he did stand up after BOTH. No other comedian black or white can ever measure up to Eddie.

He also has a crap load of Golden Globes like 5 and an Oscar nod. Kat Williams did not ruin his career, he helped his, and saved Kelvin Hart, and Tiffany Haddish's career. He also just won an Emmy. I'm looking forward to seeing him one day, at city near me. Im not sure how he is jealous of Tiffany. Maybe Kevin. But Katt has a better resume than she does I've rode for Tiff right here. I want her to win. But she isn't funny to me. And It's okay. How is THAT hating Same with Katt. He doesn't have to like her. All I know is She Reaaaady. I'm dead serious.

And I'm rooting for her and hella proud of her. I got downed here for taking up for her previously. But she's not funny to me. And doesn't have to be for me to cheer her on. Sommore has been in the game for years n still winning n she has never won a Golden Globe nor Oscar. She could care less about Tiffany. They bowed out gracefully when they realized what was happening. Especially Eddie when he was looking like an overgrown Ercel. A part of them might want 2 go back again bcas comedy is embedded in their DNA. But they know if they did it n no one showed up the media would eat them alive n call them a has been.

I love Eddie Murphy. And Grace Jones And Harlem Nights. And Coming to America. Eddie had Hollywood on smash for almost 2 decades. I liked Robin too in Boomerang! And none of her supporters, not even Kevin, has said anything to contradict. Eddie had 2 take out a full page ad n defend Boomerang because a movie critic didn't do his homework n said that Boomerang was a false illusion of black business being that successful n blacks didn't live like that.

Eddie let that azz have it. Just because some people choose to indulge in excessive drug use, group sex and other outside the norm sexual experiences doesn't equate to loominati spelled that way intentionally to mock the entire bs mindfuck people are feeding into. Many people have talked about the wild parties, drugs, all kinds of sex going on in Hollywood If you don't want to do it, then don't.

He and others talked about talked about it No, he didn't deny his arrests but he has never taken responsibility for HIS poor choices affecting the career he is begrudging others for having. And if you think explaining how business decisions are made was 'dropping gems'??? And again, if he thinks Hollywood and all associated with it are so fucked up and he is doing so fine without it, then stfu and keep on doing fine. Clearly his comments ruffled your feathers, like I said before the truth ain't for everybody.

Agree to disagree. Despite his foray into drugs and arrests this smidget just won an Emmy. He's funnier to me any day than Kevin. I wish Tiffany Haddish all the success, happiness, and prosperity in the world. Still, she is not funny. But as long as Hollywood is holding her up as funny, she should enjoy her time in the sun.

My friend went to see Tiffany in St. Louis and she said it was bad. Like she kept sitting around asking people in the audience to ask her questions. My friend said it was not good at all My friend said they made the mistake in thinking it was going to be funny like girls trip.. So tired of people missing exactly what Katt stated. Instead they are on the defensive. We see right thru that as corny and whack.

After all of this controversy, she's going to channel Cardi B and get as many comedy writers on her team as she can. The wackest part all of this is that during the whole "Oscars and Emmy's so white" campaign some folk were silent. They were going through A LOT. Due to that campaign more of us have gotten an opportunity to really excel in that industry, thus, providing a chance for a artist who was almost out of mind to shine and be rewarded. The irony. So word is that Tiffany and Katt had a whole conversation about the interview on Facetime.

It was all good This was just for Kevin to get stuff off his chest. Tiffany never said that they talked about it and Katt explained what he was saying in that interview. She left it with he apologized and when asked what was said Kevin interrupted and said it didn't matter smh smh smh. Kevin needs to take several seats Katt's career is doing just fine. Some people like Kevin are not that talented so they need to play court jester and curtail to the man and play by all the rules like he and Tiffany and other's like Katt don't do all that song and dance and still find success.

I got to attend two of his shows and I just did not think he was funny. His entire act was him dissing his then wife Torey and speaking on how abusive there relationship was. Did not find him funny at all. Still don't. Yes, I read about it a long time ago but you can try to Google it if the information is still available. I use to rock with Kevin until I went to his last stand up tour. He came and stayed 40 minutes on stage.

I was mad!!!! I spent good money to see him. I will never go to another Kevin Hart show again. Every role yall get yall made to look like fools. Word what the heck was bowfinger??? Lol but he came back with Notbit cuz that was hella funny lol. Kevin is corny Tiff is the "stereotypical prototype" of how White People view us. Truthfully speaking any coon could step in her role. How anyone can support and have any faith in what n-word abusers Kevin Hart and Katt Williams say is beyond belief!

They are non-threats to the power establishment, given money, "fabulous" perks, and fame to keep the masses dumbed down. We are in trouble if we don't wake up! I'm from STL and they did an article about her performance I did that too I took my family one night and a group of friends another night and it was JUST as you described it both nights.

I haven't been a fan since and this was when he talked about his daddy coming to his school. Kevin was funny when he was with his first wife. First wife must have got the "funny" in the divorce. Because it would seem to me that things got so intense for him at the time that he would choose to leave behind millions of dollars on the table with his own hit show "The Dave Chappelle" show to get away from a "sick environment" his words, not mine. Lest we forget Martin Lawrence and his mental breakdown, and Mariah Carey's breakdown, Britney Spears and on and on it goes.

With the exception of mentioning Britney, Dave was trying to key people on what was going on in Hollywood without spilling too much and he seemed pretty authentic to me. All of which you can find on YouTube, clips of him speaking about being afraid for his life and that they were messing with his money and how his brother Dennis Quaid was trying to exhort money from him so much so that he got out of Hollywood and escaped to Canada with his wife.

So when Katt Williams makes comments about being against the illuminati against the determint of " our lives" refer to the website vigilant citizen blogsite, where you can find an article of him talking about it. I don't disbelieve Katt because everyone can't be lying about it. Why is that always a topic in some way with her whether Leo, Brad, or a tool?

Nicki Minaj does it too. I don't think Katt was talking about careers I think he was talking about talent level. Katt is doing well Kevin Don't she though? And when she gonna wipe that big ass bugar off her face right under her eye? It pisses me off that they are trying to shove her down our throats!!!!

Btw: Katt uses the same hairdresser as Prince. Coy little wink. I will and have paid to see katt live Merkaba morris. You know that's our boo? Tell it! I want to be free. Oh ok good but still leave the situation alone u know. Exactly hell Monique is funny at least. U bests say it! Steve Harvey derangement syndrome. U said pluck?? I saw that video too. Wakando Shamar Taylor.

Prince was always WAY more high maintenance. Steve Harvey Derangement syndrome is way more real than that other one!!! Elevated Soul. Whoever makes me laugh hardest and often gets my vote it sure as hell isn't Tiffany or Kevin. The comedians that are truly talented don't make it ie,Tony Roberts. His cartoons are funny too. I saw them on YouTube.

I would be laughing too loud. Kevin is a serial cheater. He has his own problems to deal with. They don't get my votes either. Shrimp fried rice raccoon. Katt hit hard though. Mielle Downey. That comment is why I f ks with you. You speak nothing but truth. Truth the power. Truth hurts and katt delivered. I believe him. His behavior is in-line with someone battling a drug addiction.

I've seen too many with a lot to offer choose the drugs and react this same way. I get chuckles with Kat and more laughs with Tiffany His behavior is in line with the bipolar person he is that used drugs to mask it. He's not there yet. Im Praying for him. Yup, I said it. Sandra no post on the transgender that killed those people at Rite Aid?! Paid to see Katt They prompting that movie that shouldve gone straight to Redbox. That Don Julio got me right. Me too movement! I'm bout to get into this yak. Only bc I don't feel like going back out.

I want some whisky? Picking up a pizza to go with my white wine. I watched Katt's special on Netflix the other night and I laughed so hard my head hurt. I haven't seen Kevin on stage yet but my co- worker said it was horrible cause you could tell he was looking up reading from the teleprompter Now i hope Katt gets his record clear so he can come do a show here in Toronto.

He's hilarious! The company I keep I want to have It! I was just trying to see if he was performing some where. I like intelligent, sharp comedians. Katt is both. You see the liquor is kicking in because I totally messed up my 1st sentence to you. Seen him in D. I will never pay to see him again. Jose Guapo. Katt got his ass kicked by a elementary school kid..

Tf is you talking bout? Poor lil tink as katt would say. Logan Roberts. Ni Ni. He could not or would not hurt that child. Tf is you talkin bout.

Katt Williams Midtown Fight: Women Seek Felony Charges

I had to clutch my pearls once i found out it was a black woman. Paul Mooney is number 1. T Willis. Love Paul Mooney. Addendum: where is Tiffany's ad in Norwegian for Ticketmaster? Alextra Ballard.

Katt Williams - The Road to Hell by rebecca scott, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Awwwww,look at the Cake Topper tryna defend his friend. I guess that's what friends are for! Peppermint Patty. The complexion for the protection Lol cape topper what is that? I watched that too it was hilarious. Me too Chardonnay. Paul Mooney frightens me, lol. His humor is before my time. The little bride and groom figures that be on top of the wedding cakes? So true. Lorenzo Chaps.

Insurgent Friends - Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Pt.1

Tiffany's not funny. I just knew it was a bad day in whitey land at the hands of one of their own. Heffa, where my paper plate? Go to a show yourself and find out how true that is not I'm still team Katt?. Did he wear argle socks. The whole time I wondered what was in that cup cuz he's on Yes, Bee jaay Cee. I totally agree with you. Rhyme and Reason. He's like Michael Strahan, it's just their lot in life!

Oh well. I love that man! Sometimes, I binge watch his videos on the weekend. He's in great shape and his workout regimen is respectable Kevin with all his wealth, is still just an employee in the Hollywood system, and he knows it! Kevin didn't dispute what Katt stated about his finances or ownership! Irresponsible drug addict Chaseboogie The Prince. Preach Kevin! I can't stand watching Katt on stage.

Sears still open? Some are in fl. I have no idea, but his jokes suck just like his acting. Thank you!!

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I'm wondering when MeToo really starts, with, say black men. We all know it's coming. Thank you. Tiffany Haddish is not funny. Kevin Hart speaking on respecting women? That's funny. Hart, respecting women starts at home. Hart sounds like a Hollywood puppet. Katt Williams told the truth. Love it. Tiffany can just go bite Beyonce.

Who said Denzel can't act? I've never ever heard this since I been on this earth. Decked Out. The funniest people are usually the most sad. You took the words right out of my mouth. Nina Ross. Katt just won an emmy. Mister Fantastic. Outside of Cosby though, and Russell whatshisname, all other BM have been safe. All of the above.?? Jersey Girl. All facts??? That part? Kevin is wack for that and tiffany does slap comedy Whitewashing everything we created?

Thank you!!!! Tiffany and Wanda unfunny fake asses. Shira Harding-James. I literally hollered just then! Morgan Freeman. Neither Kevin or Tiffany is funny But he's still doing comedy shows. Id pay to see him. He's funny as hell, without trying. NYTimes 1Bestseller. Big big facts??? Right they missed the adjective in front of the noun. True tea. They say he's the same person in every movie. Just like Halle. Karen Brady. Blaque Mahogany. Thanks for posting this girl!!! The most talented barely get out on and that's the plan.

They're using us against us so it will seem authentic. What you said! They're not that smart. Never thought about it like that. Kat lost me when he said 19 inched of hair! He look good but I wouldn't let him touch me. Yeah he's definitely eye candy. True true. But there was that icky thing of him dating his granddaughter, right?

Battle of the comedians. I Run New York. Maybe he didn't drink the kool aid, but Kevin did. And cheated during the 2nd wife's pregnancy. On point, as usual. Wid hiz dancin' azz. Kevin Shut up. Louisville Is4TheBirds. It took him 16 minutes to say this?

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Thank you for sharing this video. It is always a back story and things people leave out. Girl he had me dancing while getting dressed. Thank youuu!! Gonna check this out. This was merely a humiliation ritual. I was telling hubby that 'Contrarian' was by far his best standup. I pray I'm ready for his day to come. I watched it too. I didn't want it to end. C Mack. Hilarious when he snatched them shades off lolololol.

Yeah something wasn't clean in the milk He ain't playin' with folks. No ma'am!!