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Ampullary cancer. Current Opinion in Gastroenterology, 26 3 Amylin reduces plasma glucagon concentration in cats. Veterinary Journal, 2 Amyloid fibers provide structural integrity to Bacillus subtilis biofilms. Amyloid fibril polymorphism is under kinetic control. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 42 An Andean radiation: polyploidy in the tree genus Polylepis Rosaceae, Sanguisorbeae. Plant Biology, 12 6 An Echinococcus multilocularis coproantigen is a surface glycoprotein with unique O-gycosylation.

Glycobiology, 20 1 An RNA replication-center assay for high content image-based quantifications of human rhinovirus and coxsackievirus infections. Virology Journal, 7 1 An ab initio and dynamics study of the photodissociation of nitric acid HNO3. Chemical Physics Letters, Rufibach, K An active set algorithm to estimate parameters in generalized linear models with ordered predictors.

Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54 6 An adverse selection model of optimal unemployment insurance.

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Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34 3 An analysis of sexual health information on radical prostatectomy websites. BJU International, 1 An analytic solution for weak-field Schwarzschild geodesics. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 4 An atomistic picture of the regeneration process in dye sensitized solar cells. Wieser, S ; Kohler, M An early sign of superior vena cava syndrome. QJM, 9 An ecologist's guide to the animal model.

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Journal of the European Economic Association, 8 An experimental test of flexible combinatorial spectrum auction formats. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2 1 An exploratory study on quality of life and individual coping of cancer patients during mistletoe therapy. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 2 4 De Lellis, C ; Ghiraldin, F Andorno, Roberto An important step in the promotion of patients' self-determination.

European Journal of Health Law, 17 2 Earth System Science Data, Rochet, Jean-Charles An industrial organisation approach to the too-big-to-fail problem. An inorganic hydrothermal route to photocatalytically active bismuth vanadate. Applied Catalysis A: General, 1 An integrated data management and video system for sampling aquatic benthos.

Marine and Freshwater Research, 61 9 An integrated micro- and macroarchitectural analysis of the drosophila brain by computer-assisted serial section electron microscopy. PLoS Biology, 8 10 :e An integrative approach to examining a homology question: shell structures in soft-shell turtles. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, An interactive surgical planning tool for acetabular fractures: initial results. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, An introduction to mountain glaciers as climate indicators with spatial and temporal diversity.

Erdkunde, 64 2 Journal of the American Chemical Society, 22 An ironman triathlon does not lead to a change in body mass in female triathletes. Research in Sports Medicine, 18 2 Linden, A ; Dorta, Romano An optically pure P-alkene-ligated Ir I complex. Section C, Crystal Structure Communications, 66 10 :mm An overview of IP flow-based intrusion detection. An unusual presentation of amebic liver abscesses. An up-to-date familial and suprafamilial classification of succulent plants. Bradleya, An update on the relationships between rheumatoid arthritis and atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis, 2 Anaesthesia for shoulder surgery. Anaesthesia International, 4 1 Anaesthetic management for hydropool recovery in 50 horses. Pferdeheilkunde, 26 4 Deutsches Steuerrecht, Analysing the protective potential of padded soccer goalkeeper shorts. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 44 6 Analysis of adenovirus trans-complementation-mediated gene expression controlled by melanoma-specific TETP promoter in vitro. Analysis of exhaled breath condensate in a mixed population of psittacine birds.

Analysis of nickel concentration profiles around the roots of the hyperaccumulator plant Berkheya coddii using MRI and numerical simulations. Plant Soil, Analysis of physiological and behavioural parameters in mice after toe clipping as newborns. Laboratory Animals, 44 1 Analysis of the low-energy electron-recoil spectrum of the CDMS experiment.

Physical Review D, 81 :5pp. Journal of Animal Ecology, 79 2 Analytical tools for assessing land degradation and its impact on soil quality.

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Geophysical Research Abstracts, online. Analyzing effective connectivity with fMRI. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science, 1 3 Analyzing true change in longitudinal multitrait-multimethod studies: Application of a multimethod change model to depression and anxiety in children. Developmental Psychology, 46 1 Anaphora Resolution with Real Preprocessing.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Wick, W ; Weller, M Anaplastische Gliome: Neuropathologie, molekulare Diagnostik und aktuelle Studienkonzepte. Der Nervenarzt, 81 8 Anatomy and physiology of the human eye: effects of mucopolysaccharidoses disease on structure and function — a review.

Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, 38 S1 Spahn, D R Anemia and patient blood management in hip and knee surgery: a systematic review of the literature. Anesthesiology, 2 Aneurysmatische Subarachnoidalblutung. Aneurysmatische Subarachnoidalblutung - Diagnostik und Therapie zerebraler und systemischer Komplikationen. Praxis, 99 8 Rufer, M ; Fricke, S Tabatabai, G ; Stupp, R Angiogenesehemmung in der Neuroonkologie: Eine vielversprechende Therapiestrategie gegen maligne Gliome.

Weller, M Angiogenesis in glioblastoma: just another moving target? Brain: A Journal of Neurology, 4 Kleintiermedizin, 12 Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition down-regulates the pro-atherogenic chemokine receptor 9 CCR9 -chemokine ligand 25 CCL25 axis. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 30 Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in pediatric patients with mitral valve regurgitation-case-control study and review of the literature.

Congenital Heart Disease, 5 3 Animal models of systemic sclerosis: Prospects and limitations. De Masi, Vincenzo Animation "Made in China": The invasion of Chinese animation products begun? CMO Newsletter, 3 Anion exchanger 1 interacts with nephrin in podocytes.

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  5. Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 81 22 Anisotropy in the spatial sistribution of Roller-measured soil stiffness. International Journal of Geomechanics, 10 4 Ankle Arthrodesis after failed total ankle replacement. Ankle motor skill is intact in spinal cord injury, unlike stroke: implications for rehabilitation. Neurology, 74 16 Physical Review Letters, 26 Antenna subtraction at NNLO with hadronic initial states: initial-final configurations. Journal of High Energy Physics, 1 Anti-Nogo on the go: from animal models to a clinical trial. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, 22 Anti-VEGF therapies and blood pressure: more than meets the eye.

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    Current Hypertension Reports, 12 1 Blom, J F ; Pernthaler, J Antibiotic effects of three strains of chrysophytes Ochromonas, Poterioochromonas on freshwater bacterial isolates. Antibodies protect against intracellular bacteria by Fc receptor-mediated lysosomal targeting. Antibodies to actin in autoimmune haemolytic anaemia. BMC Veterinary Research, 6 1 Anticholinergics and ketamine sedation in children: a secondary analysis of atropine versus glycopyrrolate. Academic Emergency Medicine, 17 2 Antigen processing for MHC presentation by autophagy. F Biology Reports, 2 Current Opinion in Immunology, 22 1 Antihistamines are superior to topical steroids in managing Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV -associated papular pruritic eruption.

    International Journal of Dermatology, 49 1 Borsig, L Antimetastatic activities of heparins and modified heparins. Experimental evidence. Thrombosis Research, Suppl2 :SS Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 1 20 Antimicrobial activity of decontamination treatments for poultry carcasses: a literature survey. Food Control, 21 6 Eichholzer, M Antiviral immune response in patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy siblings. Multiple Sclerosis, 16 3 Kellenberger, C J Aortic arch malformations.

    Pediatric Radiology, 40 6 Aortic homograft endocarditis caused by Cardiobacterium hominis and complicated by agranulocytosis due to ceftriaxone. BMJ Case Reports:bcr. Aortic remodelling in Fabry disease. European Heart Journal, 31 3 Application areas of synchrotron radiation tomographic microscopy for wood research. Wood Science and Technology, 44 1 Application of a new laser Doppler imaging system in planning and monitoring of surgical flaps. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 15 3 B, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 81 9 Application of cerium chloride to improve the acid resistance of dentine.

    Archives of Oral Biology, 55 6 Application of computed tomography for the evaluation of obstetrically relevant pelvic parameters in German Holstein-Friesian cows. Theriogenology, 73 3 Journal of Proteome Research, 9 5 Turnbull, L A ; Hector, A Applied Ecology: How to get even with pests. Nature, Mohrenweiser, J ; Backes-Gellner, U Apprenticeship Training, what for: Investment or Substitution? International Journal of Manpower, 31 5 Appropriateness of therapy for fistulizing Crohn's disease: findings from a national inflammatory bowel disease cohort. Baschera, Marco Schweizer Monatshefte, 90 Arabidopsis PCR2 is a zinc exporter involved in both zinc extrusion and long-distance zinc transport.

    Plant Cell, 22 7 Arabidopsis female gametophyte gene expression map reveals similarities between plant and animal gametes. Current Biology, 20 6 Praxis, 99 4 Saxer, Daniela Archival Science, 10 3 Crivelli, Tatiana Archiviare in rete per non archiviare il caso: note sulle poetesse d'Arcadia. Dimensioni e Problemi della Ricerca Storica, 43 1 Are Swiss chiropractors different than other chiropractors?

    Results of the job analysis survey Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 33 7 Are empathic abilities impaired in posttraumatic stress disorder? Psychological Reports, 3 Ribeaud, Denis ; Eisner, Manuel Are moral disengagement, neutralisation techniques and self-serving cognitive distortions the same?

    Development of a unified scale of moral neutralisation of aggression. International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 4 2 Nies, Salome ; Natter, Martin Are private label users attractive targets for retailer coupons? International Journal of Research in Marketing, 27 3 Are radiographic trochanteric surface irregularities associated with abductor tendon abnormalities? Radiology, 3 Are tyrosine kinase inhibitors promising for the treatment of systemic sclerosis and other fibrotic diseases? Swiss Medical Weekly, w Schlag, Thomas Ars politica longa. Pastoraltheologische Informationen PThI, 30 1 Artesunate-mefloquine combination therapy in acute Plasmodium falciparum malaria in young children: a field study regarding neurological and neuropsychiatric safety.

    Malaria Journal, Articular cartilage and labral lesions of the glenohumeral joint: diagnostic performance of 3D water-excitation true FISP MR arthrography. Skeletal Radiology, 39 5 Arzneimittelinteraktionen mit antiretroviralen Medikamenten. Der Internist, 51 1 Arzneimitteltherapie bei Kindern. PharmaJournal, As-rigid-as-possible mosaicking and serial section registration of large ssTEM datasets. Bioinformatics, 26 12 :ii Ascorbic acid improves embryonic cardiomyoblast cell survival and promotes vascularization in potential myocardial grafts in vivo.

    Part A, 16 4 Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, Assessment of DFT and DFT-D for potential energy surfaces of rare gas trimers - implementation and analysis of functionals and extrapolation procedures. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 6 7 Assessment of active spinal inflammatory changes in patients with axial spondyloarthritis: validation of whole body MRI against conventional MRI. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 69 4 Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 88 5 Assessment of atherosclerosis: the role of flow-mediated dilatation.

    European Heart Journal, 31 23 Pain, 3 Assessment of changes in vascularity and blood volume in canine sarcomas and squamous cell carcinomas during fractionated radiation therapy using quantified contrast-enhanced power Doppler ultrasonography: a preliminary study. Veterinary Journal, 1 Assessment of dental fluorosis prevalence in Swiss populations. Assessment of left ventricular size and function in horses using anatomical M-mode echocardiography.

    Journal of Veterinary Cardiology, 12 2 Assessment of periglacial slope stability for the Tschierva rock avalanche Piz Morteratsch, Switzerland. Engineering Geology, - Assessment of regional differences in tariquidar-induced P-glycoprotein modulation at the human blood-brain barrier. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 30 3 Assessment of structural knowledge as a training outcome in process control environments.

    Human Factors, 52 1 Assessment of structural knowledge for training evaluation in process control environments. Assessment of structural lesions in sacroiliac joints enhances diagnostic utility of MRI in early spondyloarthritis. Arthritis Care and Research, 62 12 Association between environmental dust exposure and lung cancer in dogs. Veterinary Journal, 3 Association between sleep duration and intelligence scores in healthy children. Developmental Psychology, 46 4 Association between specific HIV-1 Env traits and virologic control in vivo.

    Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 10 3 Human Immunology, 71 11 Association of adiponectin, interleukin IL -1ra, inducible protein 10, IL-6 and number of islet autoantibodies with progression patterns of type 1 diabetes the first year after diagnosis. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 3 Association of childhood trauma with cognitive function in healthy adults: a pilot study. BMC Neurology, Association of intraventricular mechanical dyssynchrony with response to cardiac resynchronization therapy in heart failure patients with a narrow QRS complex.

    European Heart Journal, 31 24 Association of restless legs syndrome, chronic motor tic disorder and migraine with aura: a case of a single family. Journal of Neurology, 6 Association of the NOD2 genotype with bacterial translocation via altered cell-cell contacts in Crohn's disease patients. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 16 8 Association study of 20 genetic variants at the D -amino acid oxidase gene in schizophrenia. Psychiatric Genetics, 20 2 Associations between satisfaction with life, burnout-related emotional and physical exhaustion, and sleep complaints.

    World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, 11 5 Serpico, P D ; Bertone, G Physical Review D, 82 6 Asymmetric prefrontal cortex functions predict asymmetries in number space. Brain and Cognition, 74 3 Asymptotic regimes for the partition into colonies of a branching process with emigration. Annals of Applied Probability, Asymptotics of joint maxima for discontinuous random variables. Extremes, 13 1 Praxis, 99 3 The Plant Journal, 63 6 Atheroembolic disease--a frequently missed diagnosis: results of a year matched-pair autopsy study. Medicine, 89 2 Remote Sensing of Environment, 3 - Atomically precise bottom-up fabrication of graphene nanoribbons.

    Atrial myxoma as a trigger of migraine with aura - pathophysiological considerations.

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    Cephalalgia, 30 9 Attentional focus during learning impacts N ERP responses to an artificial script. Developmental Neuropsychology, 35 4 Attitudes towards long-acting depot antipsychotics: A survey of patients, relatives and psychiatrists. Psychiatry Research, Attractor concretion as a mechanism for the formation of context representations. NeuroImage, 52 3 Atypical chemokine receptors in renal inflammation.

    Nephron Experimental Nephrology, 4 :ee Auditory representations and memory in birdsong learning. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 20 3 Auditory selective attention to speech modulates activity in the visual word form area. Cerebral Cortex, 20 3 Sturm, V Der Ophthalmologe, Augmentation index and central aortic blood pressure in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms.

    Journal of Hypertension, 28 11 Augmented stress-induced alcohol drinking and withdrawal in mice lacking functional natriuretic peptide-A receptors.

    science in ancient egypt

    Alcohol and Alcoholism, 45 1 Jaag, Tobias ; Priuli, Valerio Jusletter, online. Schmid-Grendelmeier, P Hausarzt Praxis, 3 Australopithecus sediba: a new species of Homo-like australopith from South Africa. Frey, Bruno S Forschung und Lehre, Der Nervenarzt, 81 1 Li, G ; Seeger, S Autofluorescence detection in analytical chemistry and biochemistry.

    Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, 45 1 Therapeutische Umschau, 67 5 Autologous chondrocyte implantation versus ACI using 3D-bioresorbable graft for the treatment of large full-thickness cartilage lesions of the knee. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, 8 Automated detection of glacier lakes based on remote sensing in view of assessing associated hazard potentials. Grazer Schriften der Geographie und Raumforschung, Automated muscle wrapping using finite element contact detection. Journal of Biomechanics, 43 10 Automated quality assessment of autonomously acquired microscopic images of fluorescently stained bacteria.

    Cytometry Part A, 77 1 Automated quantification and sizing of unbranched filamentous cyanobacteria by model based object oriented image analysis. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 76 5 Automated reduction of visual complexity in small-scale relief shading. Cartographica, 45 1 Automatic grouping of regular structures. Journal of Vision, 10 8 Automatically activated shame reactions and perceived legitimacy of discrimination: A longitudinal study among people with mental illness. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 41 1 Juli um 24Uhr.

    Der Gewinner wird per PN benachrichtigt. Nachschub frisch eingetroffen! Und noch mehr Here you go. Aber naja: Werbung da Nennung. Das ist das Ergebnis der Funkanalyse Bayern ! Also seid gespannt.. Kerstin Engel und katharinavonp Ich freu mich sakrisch. Und darf die Wahlleiterin sein. Als regionaler Ausbildungsbetrieb sind wir dort mit unserem Messestand Nr.

    Um Uhr folgt eine Firmenvorstellung. Sei dabei - Wir freuen uns auf Dich! Trauredner: diehochzeiterin. Bangss warten bei der Siegerehrung des BWB. Myam myam.. Hoffe ihr habt einen genussvollen Sonntag! Was macht ihr heute an diesem Traumtag? Diederichs Gelbe Reihe, Bd. Botschaft Der Derwische. Erste Vollstandige Deutsche Ausgabe. Download Das Engelwerk. Download Das Jesusgebet Im Kirchenjahr.

    Download Die Ernte Download Dr. Download Humor Hinter Klostermauern. Geistliche Erfahrungen PDF. Download In Gemeinschaft Feiern. Download Jesus Christus. Download Kleine Katholische Dogmatik. Jahrhunderts PDF. Download Vorspiel Im Himmel? Download Zu Ihrem Gedachtnis PDF Online Free. Einsicht Und Glaube, Bd. Engagiert Fur Gotteslohn?. Impulse Fur Das Ehrenamt. Entspannt Konzentriert. Stressbewaltigung Und Leistung. Erkennen - Lieben - Umkehren. Auslegungen Und Gestaltungsvorschlage. Erlosung Wovon? Christsein Wozu? Erzahl Mir Von Jesus. Die Grosste Geschichte Aller Zeiten. FrauenGottesDienste, Bd.

    Friedrich Spee Zum Fruhjahrsputz Fur Ihre Ehe. Fur Uns Menschen, In 3 Bdn. Gemeinsam Den Glauben Erleben. Geschichten Der Kopfjager. Glaubenshilfe Als Lebenshilfe. GrundriB Der Biblischen Lehre. Handbuch Systematischer Theologie, 18 Bde. Hildegard Von Bingen. Homosexualitat: Irrweg Oder Alternative? Dokumentation PDF Online. Ich Fuhre Ein Gesprach. Ich Liebe Mich. Selbstverwirklichung Aus Biblischer Sicht. Im Blick. In Der Kraft Des Geistes.

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