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This precious artefact from the French National Library in Paris grants a singular insight into the golden age of enthusiasm for Egypt in the 19th century. His personal notebook retraces this groundbreaking discovery and is evidence of the hour in which modern Egyptology was born. It was a true scientific contest: the deciphering of the hieroglyphs. Numerous possessed researchers busied themselves with this riddle surrounding the letters of the ancient Egyptians and presented more or less successful solutions.

This considered to be the hour of the birth of modern Egyptology! This was the time of fascination with everything Egyptian.

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The first discoveries and accounts of Egypt loosed a true Egypt mania and not only in France, and so it was that Champollion came into contact with this theme. This occupation and its successes made him famous, and today he is considered to be one of the greatest orientalists overall.

Hence the various Maoist organizations that arose in dissidence to the Soviets and even the Trotskyists. Antonio adopted the word Tazibao as the title for his works on the Watergate scandal. Watergate was triggered on Saturday, June 17, , when five men with links to the Republican Party were arrested while breaking into and attempting to bug the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The role the free press plays in a democracy was one of the lasting lessons learned from the scandal.

Two reporters from The Washington Post investigated the break-in and the story was picked up by other leading newspapers in the US and abroad, becoming front-page news. Tazibao were the mouthpiece of the radical left par excellence. For Antonio Dias, it was Watergate. In this, the artist produced a work that was doubly intelligent and radical. We shall see why.

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So far, so normal. In the first Tazibao series, we see the artist's careful surgical interventions, precisely masking in red the columns of an article as they appeared in newsprint. But here, in the work as yet unseen in Brazil, Dias goes much farther plastically.

antonio dias

Here, he rides out against conceptual art, bathing the whole page, and its breadth again, in red. He then maps the columns of the target story and replicates their precise shapes in cut-out cloth, steeped in red paint, and hangs them under their respective pages from The New York Times and Corriere della Sera.

Those cutouts show the whole area of Uncovering the Cover-Up. The balancing of the redwash above and the snippets below is not gratuitous, but holds very clearly on the political relation between the importance of a story and the front page of a newspaper. In the days of the social media that might seem rather old-hat, but it is not; not yet: our days are marked by the electronic Tazibao that impress their urgencies upon us.

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Seu marido Your Husband will shudder to show that not everything in this exhibition is red and postery. Post Scriptum: Antonio Dias died on August 1 , when this text was already written. Contemporary art has lost one its leading lights, and I, one of my very best friends.

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Here I have opted for a more current English transcription. Skip to main content. Artworks Biography cv Exhibitions portfolio Channel Press. Previous Next. The exhibition Tazibao e outras obras Tazibao and other works , by Antonio Dias , has become a tribute to the artist who has sadly passed away Lisboa: Livros Horizonte, Lisboa, no prelo. Um Arquitecto de Braga e do Porto. Porto: FAUP, London: University Press, Antonio dei Portoghesi. London: Phaidon, Interpretative drawings from Michelangelo to Picasso.

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CXLIV, n. Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade, London: Yale University Press, Lisboa: Elo, Firenze: Edifir, Fossano: Edizione Marcovaldo, Lisboa: A Pintura em Portugal ao tempo de D. Lisboa: Galeria de Pintura do Rei D. Roma: Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, Os artistas e as suas obras.

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