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Give Me This Mountain (Caleb's Song)

That is freedom from overeating and being debt free! It is done! In Jesus Name! Kimberly, Amazing article! Thank you so much for this inspirational article. What a blessing from the Lord. In Him, we can take this mountain. Bless you, Debbie. We are overcomers!!! I love the confidence…Give me this mountain…because it is what God wants.

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Thank you God for Kimberly. As I read this article I realized that in my battle with weight, I have not been willing to suffer, to experience the feelings of loss of my favorite foods, or even to feel temporarily deprived of eating. I can go through the evening and night without eating! Or if I do eat, I can limit it to one small snack! To win the battle you have to fight against the enemy, and you usually have to suffer some war wounds, but God is on my side so I will be victorious if I just am willing to stay in the battle.

It is insight into my late night cravings. God is doing something great and supernatural in my marriage. I ask Him to give me this mountain in my marriage. I see this montain as an opportunity for God to bringforth a platform of victory and honor in His name to show a watching world that He the God of the possibilities in our lives.

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And there is nothing in our lives that is out the reach of God. Everything is attainable with God and there is nothing in our lives that He cannot not fixed. I am feeling very confidence in my spirit. I am secreting and declaring over my like that I am on the verge of a mighty move of God through my siuation In our siuation lies the sensitive. Amen — Jacqueline! Very grateful with this massege.

God will one day give me my healing in Jesus name amen.

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Kimberley, the verses you quoted are ones I hang on too. And I now have considerable gray hair! This is such a great post — I am challenged to move the mountain of excess weight and overcome what I suspect is an addiction to sugar.

Give Me This Mountain

I have tried, and got thoroughly discouraged when I tripped up. But now is the time for this mountain to go. Thank you for writing this. We am so thankful we found you. My sister and I love the way you have encouraged us on this journey. We both have health issues and need to Take Back Our Temple. During my annual New Year prayer and fasting God brought me to the fact, I was not allowing the fruit of the Spirit self control to work in me. Then He lead me to you for insight and wisdom. His Word is powerful in all matters of our life.

We will keep you posted on the condition of our Temple as the months go by. Thank you again for stepping out in faith to start this ministry. This is an awesome word. I feel encouraged today to keep going and not give uo! God does have plans for me and you! Focus on His power to heal us.

We just need to know in our hearts that He is an awesome God, King of kings, father to the fatherless, the Holy one of Israel, Abba Father, Thank you for the word. Just solidifies what I knew became real! Blessings sweet sister! A wonderful word in season. Kimberly Your article on Caleb,and the promised land came right when I was feeling useless..

I have had this mountain of overeating a long time. Some times are better than others. I struggle with that feeling of hunger before going to sleep. I always feel I have to have something! I also! Not doing well with that. I have always struggled with the weight but, had my looks! I also have Vertigo which limits me from doing things. I have come against been prayed over and still have this at times.

It did not stop me from going to Israel in ! I took my cane chair and used it when i had to. I will always!

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  • I just feel there is no purpose at this age 73 I believe! I have been called as an intercessor so! I do pray. This was an uplifting article! I ever thought of this food struggle as a suffering…. PS: I am on a fixed income and can not afford your program but! I have followed your 21 day program. I think! I have lost some weight.

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    It feels it in my clothes. I will know next week when I check my weight at Publix. You are used by God many times now. Thank you for these anointed words of wisdom. My Takeaways: They complained: the Israelites, Moses, and the spies. Caleb seemed to have it together. God had to remind them who was in charge.


    He sent fire and plagues. Something Old: Quail, Quail, and then some more Quail! God gave them their request! These people so quickly forgot what all God had done for them. Their unbelief and unfaithfulness saddens my heart, but we are no different today. We must remember his gracious redemption and provision.

    The fact that me — a sinner who was an enemy of God — am now a beloved child is a miracle. Something To Do: I must always keep in me joy in God and a deep sense of gratitude that God loves me, knows me, and keeps me. Stop grumbling and remember my many many blessings. Remember who God is and what he has done, because he never forgets me. Thank you.

    I can across this article while researching the topic Give me this mountain. That this to is another mountain I need to ask God to give me and fight for. That there will be suffering and scars but ultimately by faith I can climb it and reach the top. With God all things are possible. Am embarking on my weight loss journey again, with a different view and attitude this time, as a child of God who can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Give me this mountain Lord!

    Caleb is my guy… my favorite hero of faith. Life has handed me my share of battles and God has proven Himself to be beyond faithful and set my feet in a wide open field and I stand here saved… surprised to be loved.

    Give Me This Mountain! | Official Joseph Prince Sermon Notes |

    Psalm There were giants, enemies of God in the land of Hebron, the place where Abraham and Sarah were buried. Thanks, Kimberly! So appreciate you. Thank you for providing that expanding perspective about Caleb, Rhonda! I will mediate on the topic of taking back what the enemy stole and see what the Lord reveals. Please log in again. When he finishes, Caleb comes Joshua to ask for his portion of the land - only Caleb's request is not a portion of flat land, rather it is a mountain. On top of the mountain lies the walled city of Hebron and there are giants in the land.

    When you have God's favor, you can do some extraordinary things. Notice how he displays great courage to go after what God had promised him. Caleb tells Joshua that the Lord was faithful to Israel for over 40 years. Caleb was one of those whom Moses sent to search the land in the second year after the Exodus. He was one of the family chiefs of the tribe of Judah. He and Joshua the son of Nun were the only two of the whole number who encouraged the people to go up and possess the land.

    Caleb asks Joshua like he had asked Moses, to "Give me my mountain because we are well able to possess it. Caleb was a fighter. He was as strong now as he was when Moses sent him out to spy out the land. If you want to experience mountain-top living, you are going to have to fight for it. Like David fought against a lion and a bear before he fought Goliath, we too must learn to fight. The Bible says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds 2 Cor.

    What are you up against? What person or thing is keeping you from reaching your mountain-top experience? Caleb says, "Don't let my age fool you. The Lord is with me! The text says that Joshua gave Caleb his blessing. Caleb took the mountain and it became an inheritance for his generations. Other mountain-top experiences: Noah - Mt. Ararat; Abraham - Mt.

    Moriah; Jesus - Mt. Calvary; Jesus will return on a mount - Mount Olivet. Related Media.