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Their children were reunited. The Sicilian will make her surrender When it comes to women, Sefano Lucchesi thinks he's known them all. But Fallon O'Connell is beautiful and wealthy in her own right and appears to need no one. Stefano's determined to have her, body and soul Claiming his secret son At first Dominic Borghese dismisses the idea of marrying Arianna to repay a debt. But when he sees her, his mood changes -- she is the beautiful stranger he once shared an unforgettable encounter with and her little bo One incredible night, a secret baby and a three-million-dollar marriage proposal.

He calls it a business deal. She calls it blackmail! But neither can deny the passion The heat of the Nevada desert must have addled his brain. So Keir headed east and set himself up in business -- and found Cassie had somehow got herself employed as Some come for pleasure, others for passion -- and one to set things straight On the run Carrying the boss's baby Greek tycoon Demetrios Karas can't concentrate. He's tried professional distance -- and failed!

Now he's in danger of blowing his whole business deal if he doesn't make his translator, Samantha Brewster, his mistress Faith knew there would be a price for Cole Cameron's support of her child, and she was right! The bad-boy-turned-multimillionaire, whom she hadn't seen for nine long years, demanded that she share his bed -- as his wife! Nine months later No one knew who was the father of Carin Brewster's baby. She'd kept her secret for the entire pregnancy. But during the birth, she called out a name -- Raphael Alvares!

The powerful Brazilian millionaire rushed to Carin's b An indecent proposal! Daniel Thorpe was tall, dark, and gorgeous, with money to burn. And from the first moment he saw Miranda Stuart -- naked! Miranda migh His Best Friend's Lover Best man Liam Malone has been dispatched by the groom to bring a runaway bride back to the altar.

Against his better judgment, he's tracked down the gold digger, but she surprises him in ways he couldn't imagine! His secretary Jake McBride is a self-made millionaire, brilliant at business, talented in bed -- and cynical about women.

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Emily Taylor is his personal assistant, terrific in the office A mistress Sheikh Nicholas al Rashid: hailed in his homeland as the Lion of the Desert Amanda Benning: beautiful stepdaughter of Jonas Baron and interior designer, commissioned to refurbish Nick al Rashid's already luxurious Ma But the beautiful, blue-blooded blonde can't even fry an egg, so Joe instantly realizes it's all a scheme to find him a suitable wife! Joe decides Most women found Slade McClintoch irresistibly attractive, with his dark charisma and hard-muscled physique.

But Brionny Stuart vowed she wasn't one of them. If anything, she had always been turned off by Sl A battle of wills Is it coincidence that Tyler Kincaid has arrived at the Baron family mansion just as patriarch Jonas Baron is deciding who should inherit? There's something about this arrogant stranger that makes Caitlin McCord's hackles rise On the anniversary of Nick's divorce from Holly, he's taken a sentimental journey to spend Christmas in the hideaway where he and she honeymooned.

Holly, wanting to come to terms with her past, has the It was something Slade had never done before. But Lara Stevens had the face of an angel, and -- like him -- was facing an overnight delay to her plane. Before he knew it, he was suggesting they spe He is her prize Surely Travis Baron is a man for whom any woman would want to bid! Blisteringly handsome and immensely successful, the corporate lawyer is the possible heir to Espada, his father's sprawling ranch The convenient wife Gage Baron has made it on his own.

He's wealthy, and his marriage seems successful, too--until Natalie leaves him. Then Gage receives an invitation to his father's Texas estate; Jonas obviously has more on his mind than j Valentine Male When Matt Romano proposed closing down Chic magazine, Susannah was determined to stop him in his tracks. He was a boardroom barracuda! She came up with a brilliant plan to boost Chic's circulation: find the sexiest man alive a Anything can happen behind closed doors!

The newspapers called her new boss a financial genius; the gossip columns branded him gorgeous. But Dana knew Griffin McKenna took whatever he wanted, be it a company or a woman. She could think of other Stephanie was a woman in search of a lawyer, David was They even danced together, as the mother and father of the bride should.

But, when Dawn got co But, still, they collided as guests at the Wedding of the Master of Matrimony Arden Miller -- a coolly professional independent woman Then she is a girl alone and in trouble! Conor Martinez -- his name means power and privilege An accident A chance to fall in love all over again! David Adams is going to have to let his wife back into his life. He'd been about to divorce Joanna, when she had the accident. True, sheer undergone a complete personality change She wants a baby. He wants an heir. But what about love?

Hannah has been married once before, but now she is perfectly happy on her own. She has always wanted children. So when her boss, Grant MacLean, suggests Miranda Beckman lives the exciting life of a top fashion model. Paris is her home; projecting a beautiful image is her special talent. But behind the sophistication lies a dark secret that prev The heat is on. Ryan Kincaid doesn't like being told what to do. When his grandfather pressures him to marry and introduces him to a suitable bride, Ryan is furious.

Devon Franklin is the most argumentative, grasping When a will leads to a wedding It's Kyra's turn: "My father's legacy allowed me to assert my independence after years of being the pampered Landon 'princess. Antonio Rodrigo Cordoba del When a will leads to wedlock Zach says: "Why did I have to be the one left with my father's mistress? Still, I know her type, and she should have been easy to dismiss.

After all, Eve Palmer didn't actually climb the corporate ladder: she got This is Grant's story: "What a legacy for my father to leave me. Crista Adams--my ward! But the woman is no more a child than I am. In fact, with her lifestyle, I doubt Crista ever was a child. Why is it, then, Shows how wrong a roan can be!


Angelica's different to any other woma When Manhattan businesswoman Kathryn Russell inherits Charon's Crossing, her first instinct is to sell it. A busy career woman didn't need a tropical island getaway. But destiny brings Kathryn to Charon's Crossing discovers that her new possession is Heaven in his arms? Khalil claimed that he never took what wasn't offered!

But despite that claim, wasn't Khalil a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted? Kidnapped and held prisoner by Khalil, Joanna determined to escape. But sh Married to a stranger! Dorian Oliver had a job to do and Jake Prince was not going to stop her! But then Dorian found herself in a situation with only one solution: she had to become Jake's wife!

Jake made it clear that he was more than willing t Olivia Harris was desperate! She needed money Trouble was, the only person she could turn to for help was the last man whom could offer it. Edward Archer wanted the truth behind Olivia's relationship with his stepfather, but she was deter Certainly to a It's the nineties, for heaven's sake. Intelligent women simply do not find themselves won in a card game in Monte Carlo. But Maximillian Donelli makes his own rules , and tonight Francesca Drury is his. Her loyalty to her brother offers no alterna A change in the weather Virginia only wanted a glimpse of the couple who'd adopted her daughter--perhaps a precious look at her child.

She hadn't expected her detective work to lead her to an island off San Juan, a run-in with Roarke Campbell. On the other side of paradise On Hina Beach, where heat waves hummed over the crashing emerald sea and palm trees swayed above hot black sands, Whitney had first tasted passion.

Andy had been a Polynesian god--golden, magnificent, his kisses as She'd been cossetted, and overprotected Jeanne Lester knew that. Yet it wasn't easy to claim her independence without hurting her family. Surprisingly, her big brother Seth came to her rescue. He gave her an extended European holiday as a birth Once burned, twice shy Kristin had been an innocent in Oklahoma falling for her boss's flattery -- and had been badly hurt.

In New York she held everyone at arm's length--everyone, that is, except for one person. And that was when she realized Danielle didn't hesitate to say yes Helping out her cousin Val seemed a small price to pay to visit France. And they hadn't seen each other for a very long time. Unfortunately, Val still remembered the Danielle of before, not the woman she had It was simply blackmail Logan Miller was so determined that Talia Roberts come work for him that he was quite prepared to tell lies and blacken her name with her boss, John Diamond.

And John might well have believed Logan because he knew how am What did he want with her? To Gabrielle Shelton, her flower shop in New Orleans was a refuge she badly needed--a refuge from her past. So even though James Forrester had rescued her from a nasty accident, she couldn't welcome him into her life. It hadn't been a storybook marriage But all the same Caitlin had been shattered when her husband dies. She threw herself, heart and soul, into building up Justin's business, determined to further the prospects she had always held dear. Then di Sara had once dreamed of lots of things -- Of doing something more exciting, of leaving town, of meeting a man who'd see behind her quiet exterior a woman eager for life.

Now, though, she was resigned to being the spinster secretary to the chie Gabrielle Chiara's mob boss husband wants her dead. Gabrielle is careful. She never lets strangers into her life James is everything she ever dreamed of. He's powerful, sexy, tough but tender.

Gabrielle falls hea She just had to do something Nicole didn't know quite how Chase Tarrant had managed to persuade her boss, Aston, to part with his new racing sloop. She was quite convinced, though, that it wasn't honestly. Although Aston didn't seem prepared t Playing with fire can burn a girl Meeting Quinn Fowler, her fiance's brother, totally transformed Paige's life. The searing flame he ignited in her left her confused about her imminent marriage with Alan. Then Quinn made his shocking move She was given no choice!

Elena's father rushed her to the San Felipe airport to put her on a plane to Miami. Their homeland in Central America had just erupted in revolution, and no one was safe. But Elena held a San Felipan passport, and offic Nevertheless, she agreed to switch identities with her wealthy socialite boss, allowing Miss Desmond to slip into Rome unnoticed, while Blair He wasn't called The Hawk for nothing Rachel saw David Griffin as a ruthless predator who swooped down on the defenseless and carried them off.

Now he'd come to claim Jamie, his infant son and Rachel's ward. Even Rachel's love for her deceased ste The air between them was electric! Shannon took her brand new soap opera role seriously and was really upset that things just weren't clicking. Which may be why she deliberately insulted musician Cade Morgan when he interrupted a difficult rehear He looked like just another macho cowboy Jessica's job as advertising agency fashion coordinator often took her to obscure locations.

Yet none was quite as desolate as the predicament she found herself in after her small plane went down in the Tet Webster dreamed of for her daughter was acceptance by San Jacinto's tightly knit country club set. She went out of her way to steer Lauren toward the right sort, insisting, "'It's just as easy to She would soon regret her role as impostor "You've got to use a little creativity when you go after someone who's determined to fade into the woodwork. Megan told her assignment editor. And she certainly demonstrated creativity in wangling an i Since the failure of her marriage, Amanda Sutton had heard the warnings of her mother of the men's infidelity, and she was devoted exclusively to her career.

But now an important commission in Morocco led she to know the playboy and businessman Nick We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles. The F-Word. The Millionaire's Snowbound Seduction. Blackmailed into Her Boss's Bed. The Greek's Unwilling Bride. Special Tactical Units Division - 3. Special Tactical Units Division - 2. In Wilde Country - 3 S.

Special Tactical Units Division - 1. Jaimie: Fire and Ice. Wilde Sisters - 2. Emily: Sex and Sensibility. Wilde Sisters - 1. The Merciless Travis Wilde. The Ruthless Caleb Wilde.

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The Dangerous Jacob Wilde. The Prince of Pleasure. Sheikh Without a Heart. The Real Rio D'aquila. The Ice Prince. Not for Sale. Nicolo: The Powerful Sicilian. Falco: The Dark Guardian. Blackwolf's Redemption. Raffaele: Taming His Tempestuous Virgin. Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress. The Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress. The Sheikh's Wayward Wife. The Sheikh's Defiant Bride. Summer in the City.

The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride. The Greek Prince's Chosen Wife. The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride. The Sicilian's Christmas Bride. Naked In His Arms. Captive In His Bed. The Desert Virgin. The Disobedient Virgin. The Sicilian Marriage. The One-Night Wife. Slade Baron's Bride 4. The Taming of Tyler Kincaid 5. Mistress of the Sheikh 6. The Alvares Bride 7.

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The Pregnant Mistress 8. Raising the Stakes O'Connells 1. Keir O'Connell's Mistress 2. The Sicilian Surrender 3.

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Claiming His Love-Child 4. The Sheikh's Convenient Bride 5. The One-Night Wife 6. Knight Brothers 1. The Desert Virgin 2. Captive in His Bed 3. Naked in His Arms Billionaires' Brides 1. The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride 2. The Greek Prince's Chosen Wife 3. Sheikh Tycoons 1. The Sheikh's Defiant Bride 2.

The Sheikh's Wayward Wife 3. Raffaele 2. Dante 3. Falco 4. Nicolo 5. The Ice Prince 6. Wilde Brothers 1. The Dangerous Jacob Wilde 2.

The Ruthless Caleb Wilde 3. Wilde Sisters 1. Emily: Sex and Sensibility 2. Jaimie: Fire and Ice 3. In Wilde Country 1. Pride 2. Special Tactical Units Division 1. Power 2. Privilege 3.