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Not like I'm fighting to survive What was that noise?

If I could be killed they should give me a raise Why did they hire me? This is insane! Enjoy your five long nights Kick back and grab a slice If you get hurt on the job We cannot cover your loss Just get to 6 and you'll be fine What's with all these accidents happening? And we're still in business? That is baffling All these cameras had better be accurate I can't imagine if they get their hands on me Got a long past full of tragedy What was the Bite of '87 actually?

View Gallery. Art by the rest of the community below. Opening It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming Should be burning in hell. But kids like you don't play by the rules, And guys like me, it ain't easy to be played for fools, So let's go, let the room get chiller Chorus Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able, Guess you've figured now that mercy's off the table.

I can tell you're getting really sick of trying, But I think you're just mad you keep dying. You're not gonna win, we'll be here together, Fighting in this judgement hall forever. I know you just reset each time I. Undertale by Fancygirl Undertale by ScarlettLilac Determination - Undertale Parody lyrics Count me in unannounced Drag our friends on the tile I just follow your trail You can't just follow my smile All of your sins are aligned with this mood of mine Cutting me to the bone Nothing left to leave behind You outta reset now Just like it never happened.

View More. You really think that you can beat me? You idiot, just step forward and you'll see That I'm more than a piece of botany. Chorus Go ahead and try to hurt me if you're able, Six souls absorbed, you must defeat and disable, And now you're dead, only your bad skills are to blame, I will never let you beat the game. You are a fool! Back again, huh?

Stronger Than You ( Frisk ) by HetaliaLove on DeviantArt

That's kind of sly Didn't have enough fun yet, you want to play just one last try? Well, then I'll gladly oblige Give me control and we'll have a good time But you don't wanna see the same sights? Then something new, that'll make it fun and give ya delight It's just a game, we can reset when it's over And killing's easy when you're colder If it's one or two or ten it doesn't matter Let's cut off all of this boring little chatter No one said we couldn't try again and just see What would happen if we sate our curiosities Sparing left and right, god, it's such a bore Let's go a little faster now to see what's in store They'll hate, but don't worry if our run is shot They won't remember so we'll do as we want I can't see what's wro-o-o-o-ong with be-ing stro-o-ong stro-o-o-o-ong Wha-at's wro-o-ong with be-ing stro-o-ong stro-o-o-o-ong Raising up ours stats Cutting down our foes This is what a real game is And your determination shows What do our actions matter?

Why give a. I soon received an answer: "Hello, my name's Chara. He was not too best pleased, No way for him to ease, "I've never met an iller, dirtier brother killer. Malfunction - Sans x Reader: Part 7 - Finale? Are you saying water was the answer this whole time? Mettaton was a bit more complicated on trying to fix.

Sins are crawling on your back, Can't believe you went for the attack, Genocide, Lost deep inside, Do you know what you still lack? And to think that you and I could have been good friends Should have known that you're a psychopath and I would have to set this timeline amend. Can you please reset so we can both return? If you keep this up you won't like what you'll learn What's scrambled your brain? You're clearly insane.

Judgement time, We'll do this in rhyme, You're a dirty little slime, Caused nothing but crime. Back to the story.

Genocide Route

You sighed, out of all the bab. Flowey got ahold of it and after he changed Papyrus, Mettaton, Toriel, and Asgore, I grabbed it from him and destroyed it with a baseball bat. You looked from the gun back to the kids to see them all awake. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! Leaving this contraption all by itself! Who needs to kill everyone, when you can just turn them into helpless babies!

The King and Queen? No, no, that would be a too simple of an answer!

See a Problem?

Maybe I should change the skeleton into a baby so he can join his brother! Better yet, maybe I should change the metal man into a tiny little radio, Hehe!

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She assigns the dodgy private investigator Jack Andrews with the arrangement of her death. Forrester tells the detective that she is fleeing her ex-husband, who she claims has abused her. Andrews agrees, though he notices she is lying. The private detective, a widower, is accordingly suspected by the police of the murder. The femme fatale, who likes to hang around in the casino, keeps burning him.

Stronger Than You (Frisk)

Miller and the mafia are also interested in him. He has an affair with Forrester, who proposes to stage death again - this time for both lovers. Andrews is allegedly on the way to Maine, where his wife drowned in a traffic accident. Andrews is to hide the money near the place where not far from the shore a fabricated boat accident supposedly happened.

[Kill me Heal me] 킬미힐미 19회 - Ji-sung "Tell me you love me once again" 지성, "또 좋아한다고 얘기해줘" 20150311

Meanwhile, Miller tortures a friend of Andrews and learns about Andrew's whereabouts in Nevada. Fay convinces herself to kill Miller. But once Miller appears, he reconciles with Fay and forces Andrews to hand over the case with the money. Andrews then flees by jumping into the water, whereby Miller and Fay shoots him and hurt him severely. The accomplices flee in front of the police and notice on the way that in the suitcase is not money, but waste paper, before they ram a tank container that explodes, killing them.

The film drew a mixed reception. Variety gave it a mostly positive review, stating: "The tale of a down-and-out detective and a seamy femme fatale is a thoroughly professional little entertainment.