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Trust in the health care system and the use of preventive health services by older black and white adults. American journal of public health. Patient—physician relationships and racial disparities in the quality of health care. American Journal of Public Health. A systematic review of the extent and measurement of healthcare provider racism.

Journal of general internal medicine. Paradies YC. Defining, conceptualizing and characterizing racism in health research. Critical Public Health. View Article Google Scholar Racism as a determinant of health: a systematic review and meta-analysis. PloS one. Racism and health I: pathways and scientific evidence. American Behavioral Scientist. The impact of racism on clinician cognition, behavior, and clinical decision making.

Du Bois review: social science research on race. Discrimination and racial disparities in health: evidence and needed research. Perception of racism explains the difference between Blacks' and Whites' level of healthcare trust. Perceived discrimination and reported delay of pharmacy prescriptions and medical tests. Journal of General Internal Medicine. Self-regulatory processes underlying structural stigma and health.

The role of discrimination and racial identity for mental health service utilization. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

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Psychological Bulletin. McCracken MO. Endnote X7. American heart journal. School-based mental health prevention for Asian American adolescents: Risk behaviors, protective factors, and service use. Asian American Journal of Psychology. Prior experiences of racial discrimination and racial differences in health care system distrust. Medical Care. Mothers' satisfaction with medical care: perceptions of racism, family stress, and medical outcomes in children with diabetes.

Banks AD, Dracup K. Factors associated with prolonged prehospital delay of African Americans with acute myocardial infarction. American Journal of Critical Care. Benjamins MR. Medical care. Benjamins MR, Whitman S. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Effects of perceived racism, cultural mistrust and trust in providers on satisfaction with care.

Journal of the National Medical Association. Perceived race-based and socioeconomic status SES -based discrimination in interactions with health care providers. Health-related correlates of perceived discrimination in HIV care. Blanchard J, Lurie N. J Fam Pract. Relationship of race-, sexual orientation-, and HIV-related discrimination with adherence to HIV treatment: a pilot study. Longitudinal relationships between antiretroviral treatment adherence and discrimination due to HIV-serostatus, race, and sexual orientation among African—American men with HIV.

Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Perceived discrimination and physical health among HIV-positive Black and Latino men who have sex with men. AIDS and Behavior. The association between perceived discrimination and underutilization of needed medical and mental health care in a multi-ethnic community sample. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. Perceived discrimination and adherence to medical care in a racially integrated community. Chen D, Yang TC. The pathways from perceived discrimination to self-rated health: an investigation of the roles of distrust, social capital, and health behaviors.

Factors associated with mental health service use among Latino and Asian Americans.

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Community mental health journal. Predictors of overnight hospital admission in older African American and Caucasian Medicare beneficiaries. Understanding racial and ethnic disparities in colorectal cancer screening: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and Perceived medical discrimination and cancer screening behaviors of racial and ethnic minority adults. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Biomarkers.

Reported racial discrimination, trust in physicians, and medication adherence among inner-city African Americans with hypertension. Perceived racial discrimination and nonadherence to screening mammography guidelines: results from the race differences in the screening mammography process study. American Journal of Epidemiology. Perceived everyday racism, residential segregation, and HIV testing among patients at a sexually transmitted disease clinic.

Perception of racial barriers to health care in the rural South. Gizlice Z, Ngui EM. Perceived experiences of discrimination in health care: a barrier for cancer screening among American Indian women with type 2 diabetes. Women's Health Issues. Perceived racial discrimination in health care, completion of standard diabetes services, and diabetes control among a sample of American Indian women.

The Diabetes Educator. Systemic racism moderates effects of provider racial biases on adherence to hypertension treatment for African Americans. Health Psychology. Racial attitudes, physician—patient talk time ratio, and adherence in racially discordant medical interactions. Cross-generational effects of discrimination among immigrant mothers: Perceived discrimination predicts child's healthcare visits for illness. Hammond WP.

How Does Implicit Bias Affect Health Care?

Psychosocial correlates of medical mistrust among African American men. American journal of community psychology. Perceived discrimination in health care and use of preventive health services. Perceived discrimination in health care and health status in a racially diverse sample.

Perceived racial discrimination in health care: a comparison of Veterans Affairs and other patients. Perceived racial discrimination in health care and its association with patients' healthcare experiences: does the measure matter?. Impact of perceived discrimination in health care on patient-provider communication. Perceived racial discrimination in health care and race differences in physician trust.

Race and Social Problems. Pain predicts non-adherence to pap smear screening among middle-aged African American women. Preventive medicine.

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  • Sociocultural factors influencing delay in seeking routine health care among Latinas: a community-based participatory research study. Ethnicity and Disease. A study of perceived racial discrimination in Black men who have sex with men MSM and its association with healthcare utilization and HIV testing. Journal of Women's Health. Associations between discrimination and dental visiting behaviours in an Aboriginal Australian birth cohort.

    Australian and New Zealand journal of public health. Health, healthcare utilization, and satisfaction with service: Barriers and facilitators for older Korean Americans. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Factors affecting frequency of communication about family health history with family members and doctors in a medically underserved population. Patient education and counseling. Perceived discrimination and use of health care services in a North Carolina population of Latino immigrants. Hispanic Health Care International.

    Attitudes about racism, medical mistrust, and satisfaction with care among African American and white cardiac patients. Medical Care Research and Review. Perceived discrimination outside health care settings and health care utilization of Turkish and Moroccan GP patients in the Netherlands.

    The European Journal of Public Health.

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    The Journal of Rural Health. Predictors of long-term outcomes in older breast cancer survivors: perceptions versus patterns of care. Journal of Clinical Oncology. The influence of mistrust, racism, religious participation, and access to care on patient satisfaction for African American men: the North Carolina-Louisiana Prostate Cancer Project.

    Increasing access to care and reducing mistrust: Important considerations when implementing the patient-centered medical home in Army health clinics. Military medicine. Impact of perceived racial discrimination on health screening in black women. Journal of health care for the poor and underserved. Social determinants and health service use among racial and ethnic minorities: Findings from a community sample. Social work in health care.

    Associations between religion-related factors and breast cancer screening among American Muslims.

    Advancing Health Services Research to Eliminate Health Care Disparities

    Adapting the everyday discrimination scale to medical settings: reliability and validity testing in a sample of African American patients. African American women's preventative care usage: the role of social support and racial experiences and attitudes. Effects of racial discrimination and health behaviors on mental and physical health of middle-class African American men. Are health-care relationships important for mammography adherence in Latinas?. An examination of factors associated with healthcare discrimination in Latina immigrants: the role of healthcare relationships and language.

    The influence of personal and group racism on entry into prenatal care among-African American women. Spencer MS, Chen J. Effect of discrimination on mental health service utilization among Chinese Americans. Discrimination and mental health—related service use in a national study of Asian Americans. Factors influencing health care access perceptions and care-seeking behaviors of immigrant Latino sexual minority men and transgender individuals: baseline findings from the HOLA intervention study.

    University of Minnesota. Poster Session. March Newspaper report by Stephanie Xenos. College of Biological Sciences. Hmong Times Online. Paul, MN. November 20, Discover through the lens of innovation: CTSI research conference. Mpls, MN. October , The stories are based on true success stories from interviews with local families in each of the three communities.

    Journal of Community Genomics. Epub ahead of print 10 Jan Epub ahead of print 07 November DOI Epub ahead of print DOI Journal of Adolescent Health, 2 :S J Prim Prev. Concept mapping as an approach to facilitate participatory intervention building. Winter ; 9 4 : Journal of School Health. January Radio Stories. Our Academic Partners. What Is a "Health Disparity? Berger, G. Clinical supervisors and cultural competence. The Clinical Teacher, 11 5 , Betancourt, J. Commentary: Linking cultural competence training to improved health outcomes: Perspectives from the field.

    Academic Medicine, 85 4 , Dart, J. Australia's disturbing health disparities set Aboriginals apart. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 86 4 , Davidson, P. Epner, D. Patient-centered care: the key to cultural competence. Fiscella, K. So much to do, so little time: care for the socially disadvantaged and the minute visit. Archives Of Internal Medicine, 17 , Friel, S. Annual Review of Public Health, 32 1 , Gigerenzer, G. Better doctors, better patients, better decisions: envisioning health care Grant, J.

    An investigation of culturally competent terminology in healthcare policy finds ambiguity and lack of definition.

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    Hamrosi, K. Issues with prescribed medications in Aboriginal communities: Aboriginal health workers' perspectives. Rural And Remote Health, 6 2 , Harris, M. Health Care Reform - Facing Inequities. Australian Family Physician, 38 11 , Kagawa-Singer, M. A strategy to reduce cross-cultural miscommunication and increase the likelihood of improving health outcomes. Academic Medicine, 78 6 , Kleinman, A.

    Anthropology in the clinic: The problem of cultural competency and how to fix it.

    Adolescent Health | Healthy People

    PLoS Medicine, 3 10 , Culture, illness, and care: clinical lessons from anthropologic and cross-cultural research. Annals of internal medicine, 88 2 , Lee, S. Is cultural competency a backdoor to racism? Anthropology News, 47 3 , Like, R. Educating clinicians about cultural competence and disparities in health and health care.

    Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 31 3 , Lo, M. Beyond cultural competency: Bourdieu, patients and clinical encounters. Mortensen, A. Cultural safety: does the theory work in practice for culturally and linguistically diverse groups? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 26 3 , Mostow, C. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 25 S2 , National Preventative Health Taskforce.

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    Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra. Reading, J. American Journal of Public Health, 92 9 , Sharma, N.