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Essays in Honour of Maarten J. J. Menken

The volume under review presents a collection of essays by one of the leading experts in the fields of Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Judaism.

Doctrines of Grace – Scripture List

Together the essays of this volume explore the themes of Scriptures and Sectarianism from a variety of lenses, ranging from close study of specific texts to broad assessments of scriptural authority and meaning-making in the Second Temple Period. Although the emphasis of the volume is on the Hebrew Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls, at times the conversation is extended to incorporate works from the Pseudepigrapha, Greco-Roman authors, and even various Persian sources.

The volume consists of seventeen chapters, which are divided into three thematically-arranged sections.

The Holy Bible Was Written by God

While the first three of these essays focus on transformation ch. The volume concludes with an Epilogue ch. The majority of these essays are republications of articles stemming from a wide array of journals and multi-authored volumes. These are the focus of this review.

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He maintains that sectarian scrolls were more probably the product of several communities rather than a single settlement at Qumran. He is careful to point out, however, that these communities also clearly transmitted many non-sectarian works which are common to the broader Jewish literary heritage of the period. Death is the great equalizer that renders most of our daily activities meaningless. Life's Random Nature. Life is unpredictable, out of our control and nonsensical.

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Good people suffer while evil people live long. We fail if we try to master life. Fear God. Life is mysterious, but we can fear God, keep His commandments, enjoy the moment and trust His judgment because one day He will clear hevel.

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