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The Three Mesquiteers accompany an archeological expedition to a lost Indian city of gold called Lukachuke. Director: Mack V.

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Approved 62 min Western. An evil gunslinging midget comes to terrorize the good little people of Tiny Town. The townspeople organize to defeat him, and zany antics ensue. Votes: 1, Approved 79 min Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi. An American cowboy living in Mexico discovers his cattle are being eaten by a giant prehistoric dinosaur.

Approved 65 min Horror, Sci-Fi, Western. In a young boy is exposed to the effects of a meteor and becomes an ugly killer monster, as his mother hides him in her new house and tries to stop his killing. Director: Jacques R. Unrated 79 min Horror, Western.

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B-grade western with a twist: mysterious gunslinger-for-hire Drake Robey is really a vampire, and it's up to Preacher Dan to save the town and girlfriend Dolores Carter. TV-PG 60 min Western. Hoss scares a bear that has treed a green-clad little man, subsequently finds a buried strongbox filled with bags of gold dust and, when both the treasure and its owner disappear, Passed min Fantasy, Mystery, Western.

A mysterious circus comes to a western town bearing wonders and characters that entertain the inhabitants and teach valuable lessons. Votes: 4, Two Secret Service Agents, equipped with a wide array of gizmos, work for the government in the Old West. Votes: 3, Passed 73 min Action, Drama, Horror. Dracula travels to the American West, intent on making a beautiful ranch owner his next victim. Her fiance, outlaw Billy the Kid, finds out about it and rushes to save her.

Approved 88 min Horror, Sci-Fi, Western. PG 92 min Western.

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An American gunfighter is tasked with delivering a valuable scroll to a feudal lord in Japan, and becomes embroiled in a feud between the lord and his rival cousin over ownership of land owed to a young princess in their care. G 96 min Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. A cowboy named Tuck Kirby seeks fame and fortune by capturing an Allosaurus living in the Forbidden Valley and putting it in a Mexican circus. His victim, called the Gwangi, turns out to have an aversion to being shown in public. Definitely one of the early classics of the sub-genre.

If it was made today it'd be called "Cowboys and Dinosaurs" which would be a bit of a let down. M min Action, Adventure, Romance. A bandit kidnaps a Marshal who has seen a map showing a gold vein on Indian lands, but other groups are looking for it too, while the Apache try to keep the secret location undisturbed. Director: J. Votes: 7, R 88 min Adventure, Drama, Romance.

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A former Civil War soldier returns to take revenge from a Yaqui chief who killed his wife in the marriage night. Death plays with both men, plus gun-runners and gold-runners, as her emissaries on Earth, to do a large harvest of souls. PG min Action, Western. In , a gang robs a train and steals a ceremonial Japanese sword meant as a gift from Japan to the U. President, prompting a manhunt to retrieve it. An odd attempt to merge the western with a samurai film and filmed in Europe and the cast is impressive: Charles Bronson and Toshiro Mifune, plus Ursula Andress and Alain Delon.

GP 93 min Comedy, Drama, Musical. Two gunfighters separate and experience surreal visions on their journey through the west. The original kung-fu western. It is a pity Bruce Lee didn't star but David Carradine made the part his own. Kerrigan Prescott , Peggy Browne. PG min Comedy, Western. One answer to this problem is demythologization, the idea of a revisionist western: moral greys, subverted conventions, downtrodden realism and atypical heroes flipping the genre on its head. The other answer is enhancing the mythical quality instead of removing it, turning the frontier into a surreal hellscape where terrifying figures await.

Weird West. Our concept is basically this: since Wild West has always been an illusion based on half-truths and chimeras, why not lean into it and confront our characters with the supernatural, be it occult horror or absurd fantasies? Ours is a pop treatment of the theme, of course: descent into utter madness caused by mysterious occult powers. So the grand excursion to a past that never happened takes place this Saturday, Dec. Herbert admitted that they "hemmed and hawed" a lot about changing the date: "We have people coming in from California, from New York, several people from Kansas.

They'd made a lot of plans, but there comes a point where they may not physically be able to get here. We were really afraid we weren't going to be able to make it. In fact, there'll be even more vendors this weekend than there would have been last weekend. Part of the appeal is the location. Unlike most conventions, which have to contend with what Herbert called "a sterile convention space, because we're in Texas, you have all these cool Old West towns, with real Old West history.

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In this case, we're at an actual s train depot, a silent era film house, and an s peanut mill. These buildings are of that period that everyone romanticizes about now. He will be bringing his new movie, Christmas With the Dead which debuted in Austin at Housecore Horror , but there'll be a full day of tumbleweed weirdness on the screen, including steampunk short Nickel Children , samurai-tinged revenger Itchy the Blind Gunman and super-strange underground cult space Western The American Astronaut. Herbert said, "The film selection was based on some standards that would appeal to the steampunks.

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There's a new breed of Weird Western plus, as he pointed out, "Most space movies actually follow a Western format. The screen itself has a lot of history. Built in , the Sterling Silent Movie House went quickly out of business when the talkies arrived.