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​Here are 113 important life lessons that every person must learn. ​

Invest your time wisely. Follow your gut; rely on your intuition. Acknowledge those who have helped you. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are of your own.

Passionate purpose

Smile a lot; laugh a lot. Admit your mistakes, do what you can to fix them, and move on. Take up yoga. Set aside quiet time every day.

I just turned 50 — here are 10 life lessons I wish I'd learned a decade ago

Get organized. Be a loyal and reliable friend. Look for opportunities to praise others. When things go wrong remember that few things are as bad as they first seem. Set aside time for planning. Know when to cut your losses. Have a magnum opus. Think of leaving a legacy. Keep in mind that life is not a dress rehearsal.

113 Important Life Lessons Every Person Should Learn

Ask for what you want. This includes acknowledgement from others. Create value for others.

Life Lessons from Famous Creators

Apply the power of leverage: leverage your money and your time. Develop multiple streams of income. Be your own boss: start your own business. Feel the fear and then do it anyway. Listen to the advice of others but then make your own decisions. Develop your listening skills. Begin; every journey begins by taking the first step.

Have fun. Schedule playtime. Get lots of fresh air. Every time you fall simply get back up again.

Life Lessons Quotes ( quotes)

I hated the site of blood. So my next goal in life was to become an accountant. They looked after the money. But after starting my accounting degree something else became clear. Ledgers and debits and credits were the stuff off nightmares. When that realization dawned I made a hard choice and settled for a teaching career.

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This was my first career I really loved. Sales and marketing were my new and exciting path. A few decades later I stumbled into my life purpose. It was an intersection of decades of experience, expertise and passion. Fumbling and sometimes failing. But I had never stopped looking. Pivoting, prodding and often being found wanting. Falling short.. And it took me over 50 years. Aspiring to be as fully human as you can is a marathon.

And failed dreams sit in that mix. Unearthing your superpowers that you need to share with the world. For many they are hidden from view. Keep asking and keep looking. Persistent action A passionate purpose without action is just a good idea. We have all listened to the well meaning wannabe. Good intentions and grand schemes..

And many of us have those. Ideas to burn. They pile up on our desk and in the recesses of your mind. Discussed over coffee with friends. At some stage we need to make a call. Take action. It may be the wrong one.

15 Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned From Life

As adults, we learn tact. We learn to be more careful with the feelings of others rather than just blurting things out, but it's important that we remain honest will doing so. As adults we often become too careful, too afraid to offend a person or group, and therefore water down our thoughts or even create a lie in their place. While I am all for saving the feelings of others, I am also a believer that a painful truth that will help someone grow is more desirable than a comfortable lie.

Ask a child to look into the sky and tell you what a cloud looks like -- and you'll get hundreds of answers. Show them a blotch of ink on a piece of paper, and you'll get an entire story around it. As we become adults we start to see things more in black and white without the imagination and creativity.

Throw your logic away next time you look at the clouds, and see what stories you can create. As important as logic is to living a successful life, it can also be paralyzing. We can over-think and create problems that didn't even exist in the first place. Happiness and progress relies on a healthy mix of imagination, emotion, and logic - not too much of one ingredient.

Children are naturally optimistic. They have no reason to see the glass half empty because they've never been disappointed. As hard as it is, we have to remember that the past is simply a thought appearing in your mind in the present. Each new situation is unique in its own way and we can't let our past disappointments govern how we see the future. We all have to remember we have the ability to learn and grow constantly. Our minds are endless sponges for information and we can mold ourselves as we wish.

Being rejected may be painful, but not as painful as the lingering regret of wondering if you've let 'the one' fall through the cracks. You are obviously an amazing, fantastic human being because you are my offspring that's a joke, people We all have to pay our dues, we all have to work to improve, we all have to face failure and rejection before we can achieve success -- don't see this as a setback, see it as a rite of passage and the price you pay for happiness. This applies to everyone from people on the street to your romantic partner. If you are not getting what you deserve from them, find someone who will give it to you.

If you are not giving it to them, don't be surprised if they leave. Never settle for less than you deserve in life or in love, you are better than that. We all have emotions, and it takes more strength to be vulnerable and show them to others than it does to hold them in and hide from the world. Whether it is playing sports, and instrument, or playing chess - whatever you enjoy, do it, and do it with others.

It will increase your sense of belonging, confidence, and bring new opportunities to your life. Stay socially involved. Being wrong is the only way we can find out what's right, and therefore become smarter. If we convince ourselves that we already know everything, we will never learn and grow. It doesn't matter if the people around you aren't acting respectably, you are not them and they are not you.