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Since French is the language of love, it's only natural that the French language provides many famous love songs. Here is a list of ten of the most famous French love songs of all time. Listen to one or several!

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Whether you want to seduce your lover or you need some inspiration, French love songs make great easy-listening. Whether you like older music or newer sounds, there's a romantic song to suit your tastes. Here are ten all-time favorites.

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Of Algerian and Italian descent, she is the queen of French love songs. While many other men populate the top ten list, Edith Piaf is one of the few women. It has been reported Piaf wrote the song for her husband, the French boxer Marcel Cerdan after he died in a plane crash. The song was so popular it inspired a novel and has been covered by a variety of artists.

2. ‘Lemon Incest,’ Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg

Often referred to as the Elvis Presley of France, Hallyday's career included a lot of rock and roll music, as well as his ballads. Que je t'aime topped the French charts for 11 weeks in as the most popular single sold, and topped Belgian charts , as well, as the most popular song.

One of the most famous French singers of the chanson style, Aznavour's hit, Mourir d'aimer , is about dying for love. He claims there is no greater value in life than to pay for one's love with life. Intrinsically linked, you can't separate life from love, which is why this song's lyrics and soulful sound became such a hit.

A singer and actor, Yves Montand was one of the greatest stage and film stars of the middle part of the 20th century. Car je t'aime is a serious love song, but with the frequent repetitions of words, a playful nature lightens the atmosphere compared to some other love songs of the same period.

Montand was prolific, making numerous movies and singing a variety of songs. Born in Senegal, raised in France, and influenced musically by a journey to Egypt, MC Solaar is one of France's best-known rappers and hip-hop artists.

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Caroline is a poetic song featuring imagery and wordplay surrounding the idea of playing cards and gambling. It makes really hybrid, organic, textural sounds. I did two takes, and it put me in a dark mood. So this one was hard, but I feel really glad with how it ended up. When I was writing the track I was feeling lonely, and I invented this fictional character that could uplift me.

The sun stealer for me is someone who inspires me to just get out of the mud.

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While working on staging the album live, I decided the sun stealer is going to be a character on stage with me. You can take it many different ways, because those kind of force fields and power relationships can be everywhere. I was fascinated by that concept, and how people pay to see my gigs every night. Where does the hustling stop?

You start to think about the force fields of money, and how much you pay for what, and to soothe what? I had a moodboard of Bruce Springsteen and Arthur Russell. His music is so much about storytelling, but so catchy.


I wanted to do the classic cool pop song that makes you want to cry but is also happy. Yeah, Saturn Devouring His Son. The painting itself is a world of many things, like the fear of dying and willingness to grow old, the cannibalism of society that wants to eat youth to remain eternally young.

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But it can also be a crude, striking metaphor about desire, so I started to imagine this situation of impossible desire. I wanted to make an aggressively brutal track about horniness. I wanted this album to complicate things, not for the sake of complicating things, but just to express that a woman can be a contradictory character.

I wanted to make it really complicated to pin me down. It was quite soothing to listen to that record, because I was experimenting with many contradictions myself. Intimacy is always about power and politics, and my force field was becoming one of a powerful woman, and that was disruptive to most people.

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  • The figure of the horny, angry, lustful woman is still ugly in this society. This song is about always feeling like the weird, lonely kid sitting on the bench despite your success.

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    Do you often feel that way? I worked around a really bare production with a heavy, pulsing bass and some ghostly vocals that build around the main lead, as if to build the sad emergence of a memory. I recorded the ending vocal in one take, trying to emulate the feeling of crying from the inside. Here, you sing about that pretty directly. Even in the queer community sometimes, there are ways to discriminate, to impose norms; but for me, subversion is also meeting through love people who differ greatly from me.

    My narrative has sometimes been digested in such ways that it was easy to box up—as if to make me harmless. Chris will be released simultaneously in French and English, and you mentioned that this song changed the most dramatically during the translation process. How so? And the French version started to sound like a letter addressed to a former lover.