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First off, I received the photo. You obviously did your homework as her setup looks fantastic. She looks to be in great shape, so she can definitely go without eating for a long while. I had two chaco slings that were less than. I would try offering food again once you catch her hanging out on the ground. Keep me updated! She was between 15 and 17 years old, so she had a good life. My question pertains to preserving her. My girlfriend wants her put in clear resin. I will not be able to get any untill tomorrow. Will I still be able to do so tomorrow?

First off, sorry to hear about your your rose hair passing. Like Liked by 1 person. If she has water available then, like you said, you can probably rule out dehydration. They tend to get a bit lethargic when in premolt, so that could be what you are seeing. They can get very secretive during this time. Does she have foliage or cork bark to hide behind?

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Also, was it not eating before it molted? It also takes them a few days after a molt to harden up and be able to eat again. If you found it curled with its legs beneath it, it might have been dehydrated. Putting is on moist cloth or paper towel was a good move. Hi we have a tarantula that was bleeding from its leg, I think we may be too late.

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We have glued the wound but she does not move. What can we do? Hi, Lou. Usually when they are bleeding from a leg, they will purposely cast their leg off. How large your T? How did it get injured? I just bought my first T. What size is your new tarantula? Can you send me photos? Hey, Thank you so much for this guide. Can I conclude that she is dead?

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She is dead, right? If her abdomen is sunken in, she is dead. I have two tarantulas a rose hair adult and a juvenile A. Versicolor 3 years old. We lost power being out of town and temps dropped to 25 at night. If you have any input or ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, A. How long was she in those temps?

I would allow her some more time to come out of it, make sure that she has water, and wait it out. Just a thought. Tom, Thanks for your input but sadly she has passed. Her legs have curled in unnatural directions and her fangs are not in tight any longer. She has been in this position for 3 days. Have you ever witnessed this? Thanks, Toni. They can get injured when they fall. My tarantula, a rose hair, is in the curl, completely unresponsive. I have done this, but no response in the last few minutes. Or could it take longer? Hi, Johnny. Is it moving at all? Unfortunately, it sounds like it might have passed.

Can you send me a photo to tomsbigspiders outlook. How long did you have it for? Was there any heat around? Still no movement.

Afraid poor little Poot is gone. Unfortunately no on the pic, no internet on my phone. But thank you for your very quick response. Hey I recently rehoused my avic avic. She is in here but up in the corner at the top of the tank. In her hide position. Is she just stressed from the move. Or should I try and guidbher to her hollow bark. The avics are notorious for making their webs as high ups as they can. I have two that completely ignored the cork bark and made their homes in the upper corner of their enclosures.

If you guide her to the bark, she will likely be back up to the top again the next morning. If you give her some time, she may make her way down.

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Idk if my tarantula is dead or molding. She had alway molded on her back this time she has not moved and is in the same position with her legs curl underneath her. Hi, Jazz. That sounds like a death curl. Is her abdomen deflated? So my T just recently took quite a fall off of my kitchen table during the process of cleaning its habitat.

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It is slightly smaller than a half dollar. I was able to place her back into her habitat but since then she has not been moving around very much at all. She still clings to my fingers but seems lethargic. She is not leaking any fluid what so ever. I was wondering if she could just be in shock or if there is a possibility of internal damage that might cause her to pass? Any suggestions would be very helpful. What species is she? Sometimes when this happens, they will have a bad molt due to the unseen damage. If she stops eating, she may have a quick molt to fix herself.

Keep water handy for her when that happens. My sweet Gloria, scratched her back and started bleeding. It clotted, but she wants nothing to do with wet towels! What can I do to make her home more comfortable? If it clotted, it should be okay. She literally as I was putting her back in cage, she reached to her back to itch and started bleeding on my hand. Like dry skin. So sorry for the delay; I missed this!


Do you know what happened? No, actually very few thankfully ever show these symptoms. Can you send me pics? What is going on with it?

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My email is tomsbigspiders outlook. I need help with my p. Hi, Daniel! How long have you had her for? What size is she? Can you send me some pics at tomsbigspiders outlook. Thank you for your site, Tom! Hi, Teresa! Yeah, the one on its back was probably molting. I found her upside down and thought she was dead! Both are said to be 3 yrs old. Anyway ww put them in a divided 15 gallon aquarium with a piece of wood dividing them and a metal mesh lid like you buy at pet stores. They were good for 2 days ate like champs were wbbing a bit etc. We thought the one that was smaller was dead but then saw it move.

After about 10 minutes one let the other go with gentle prodding from a paint brush. We think it must have been able to somehow aqueeze between the wood and meah that has a bit of give to it! The injured T has a hole right next to his eye nor sure where else.

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We have him in an ICU tub but what wlaw can we do please. Thank you so muxh. I am devestated for this poor guy and shocked. Had no idea they could eacape like that. Oh, no…how terrible! Yeah, I got good advice from another keeper years ago who said to never try to subdivide an enclosure for tarantulas. When they are bleeding, the best way to stop it is to put corn starch on the wound it helps it to clot. She started acting agitated, and moved in a jerky fashion occasionally until one day I found her on her back.

I thought she was molting, but after 2 days on her back she seemed to be getting dehydrated so I put her in icu. Her legs are still pretty active. Idk what else to do. As we swap out old for new, pages will be in transition. Thanks for your patience — please keep coming back to see the improvements. In anticipation of a major summer upswing of child migrants using the dangerous crossing between Libya and Italy UNICEF will shortly begin an operation with the Italian Government and partners to provide protection support.

The vast majority of children using the crossing are unaccompanied adolescents and they have faced appalling abuses, exploitation and the possibility of death at every step of their journey. This article on funeral planning is provided by Everplans — The web's leading resource for planning and organizing your life. Create, store and share important documents that your loved ones might need.

A death notice is a paid announcement in a newspaper that gives the name of the person who died and details of the funeral or memorial service.